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Mixing Shampoos??

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[quote name='CincoandDahlilasgirl']this isn't a mixing question but does ne1 know if Dove works on dogs?[/quote]

I don't think it's safe to use human shampoo on dogs - from what I have read it has some chemicals in it that aren't good for dogs to ingest. I think the only safe human shampoo to use on a dog is Johnson's Baby Shampoo - only the yellow one (and only the name brand).


in reply to AllAmericanPup's question about mixing shampoos - I think it's fine. I have done it in the past with no problems. The only hazard I know of is ending up with a weird scent! :wink:

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actually it's pretty much the same with dog shampoos as it is with human shampoos - many products out there are full of harsh chemicals that can irritate and dry the skin. there is no real difference between cheapy dog shampoos and cheapy drugstore shampoos.

your best bet is checking the ingredient list, just like with foods, treats and supplements. the better quality products do not have a long list of substances you can't even pronounce. this also includes baby shampoo, which may be milder overall, but can still contain a lot of chemicals too.

the statement that you should never use people shampoo on dogs is a myth, since overall there is no big difference. just be aware that certain individuals are more sensitive than others.

i really like products like earthbath and buddy wash (by cloud star) because they are made with a natural shampoo base, plant extracts and essential oils.

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