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Any suggestions for a good shampoo for my shih tzu? He is black and white and when he gets home from the groomer his hair is bright white. My mother in law gave him a bath and he came out so fluffy and sooo soft. But she couldn't remember what kind of shampoo she had. She had used it on her dog and just poured it into a plastic bottle that she had at home.

Does anyone know of anything that will brighten his white hair as well and make his soft and fluffy?

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i really like the earthbath products, and have heard from a number of shih people that the chris christensen stuff is really good too.

i wouldn't use pantene, not only is it full of chemicals, but it's also made by one of the corporate giants with the worst animal testing background.

look for products free of ammonium-, lauryl- and laureth sulfates, methlychlorine, alcohol compounds and other harsh chemicals. they are unnecessary but used as cleaning substances because they are cheap.

personally i use aveda and have used it on my dog when i ran out of "doggie stuff" and it worked pretty well too. :D

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