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Broken Tooth Tip


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Some of you may remember Kavik broke the tip off of one of his back teeth on our canoe trip. It has never seemed to bother him. When I took him to the vet on our return the vet said it was best if it wasn't bothering him to just leave it. Lately, however, it seems he squirms more when I brush his teeth around there.

Has anyone had doggie dental work done?
The vet has suggested that the most practical and realistic solution is to pull that tooth if it starts to trouble him but it is a big tooth it is his largest molar on that side. I worry if it will be a problem to remove it but I also worry that if they cap it he will just break that off too (also he would have to go off to Guelph to have the procedure done as it is not common to cap dogs teeth here.)

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Its been three months I think we are too late for a vital pulpectomy. I guess we are looking at a root canal. Guelph is closer than Toronto for me so we will probablly go there. Good site BTW. I really didn't want to have that tooth pulled. Poor Kavik he has more drive than is good for him I think. I've not had to leave him at the vet ever, I'm going to feel like a creep because I know he is going to fret and fuss a lot.

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