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Broken tooth


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Diego broke his tooth the other day. He jumped up and grabbed onto my bag while I was walking and I heard a snap, I think what happend is that one tooth got caught. Thank GOD it was a baby tooth!!! One of his canines. It was still well connected because it was bleeding, he handled it pretty well though, I could tell he was in pain by the way he was walking around in circles with his mouth open "following" his pain, but he didn't yelp or anything!

I'm just wondering, should I worry about it? He's four and a half months now, I don't know what age they normally lose their canines, but it seemed pretty well intact, otherwise it would have just come out completely! The break is about a mm away from the gum, a bit of it goes right up to the gum. What age should it fall out? Will it affect the growth of the new tooth? He was meant to go to a show this weekend, I was considering not going anyway as I have an assinment due on Monday, but this was the deciding factor, don't think the judge would be too keen on a broken tooth! :drinking:

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I've kept a very close eye on it, it seems to be fine, the gum still looks very healthy and suprisingly it doesn't seem to be painful. If I do see any warning signs though I'll rush him off to the vets, don't want to make the trip if I don't have, still paying off Monties bill from when he was attacked by a staffie.

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