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Boundry Training


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Okay... I've heard it mentioned before and know it can be done. But when I looked for a post on it specifically I couldn't find one. Felix needs to learn his boundries before something bad happens.

Here's the problem...

Felix is an escape artist. When the front door is opened just a tiny bit he's gone. He does the same with balcony... and I DON'T want him going out that door. The new neighbors have a cat that comes to visit over the balcony wall. It's entirely too easy for him to jump over the wall chasing after said cat and we're 3 floors up. :o He hasn't jumped yet but I'm guessing it's only a matter of time. The main problem with the front door are the kids. I've had every kid in the nieghbor at my door at one time or another for one reason or another. And when the door is opened Felix is gone. :chainsaw1:

Division street, Spokane's biggest and busiest road, is literally right around the cornor from us. The last thing I want is to have to chase him into or even close to that street. :errrr:

I had a sign up telling everybody that he's there and to be careful but the landlord threw it out. Said it was scaring potential renters away so she threw it away instead of asking me to take it down. :bad-words:

I'd like to try teaching him his boundries to prevent anything from happening. Could anyone tell me the best way to go about it? I'd appreciate it.


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I trained my Jake when he was a pup. It is much harder, in my opinion, to train an older dog, but.... here are a few pointers.

I saw some of this on Good Dog U on Animal Planet. :D

You have to start with the front door. Open the door a small amount with Felix near by. If need be, use a lead at first. Use the stay command while the door is open a crack. Then reward the dog when he stays. The point is to have the dog be comfortable with the door being opened and him not running out. More and more you open the door further.... until it is wide open and he is sitting like a pro! Then go to borders....

As for actual borders, I personally stood infront of where Jake was not allowed to go and gave the stay command. When he crossed the line, I would place him back where he could be and would praise him over and over (would say NO when he crossed). It is a long process, but well worth it!! Like I said, I did this when he was very young.

Good luck!

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[quote]the only thing I trust is a 6 foot high cast iron fence with a paddlocked gate[/quote]

lol, Mouse. Sorry but I live on the 3rd floor in a 2 bedroom apartment otherwise I would use your suggestion. And the balcony wall is about 4 ft and I'm pretty sure that if Felix really wanted to he'd jump it.

Thanks Daisysmom. :D Felix already sits/stays well inside. The trick is going to be getting him to calm down enough to sit/stay when I go to the front door. He bounces like crazy. :roll:


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Hi Everyone:

Boundary work is a very strong part of all the training done with
at puppywishes.com. As a special offer to people reading this
email, we can send you a FREE copy of ebook "Body Contact"
this book talks a great deal about boundary training and how it
can help dogs.

A tip here, for the lady trying to stop her dog from running out the
front door. Start your boundary in your dogs crate. If your dog is
crate trained but him inside. Wait a few moments. Now slowly open
the crate door. When the door is upon just a sliver your dog will
try and walk out. Quickly, but be careful not to slam the door on your
dogs face, close the door before your dog has a chance to get out
and say "ah-ah" (or some correction sound). Don't tell the dog to
"stay" (that's an obedience command), rather, you want the dog
to learn not to leave the crate, but he can still move around while

Slowly, as you close the crate door before your dog gets out, you
will realize that he/she starts to stay inside. Great, open the crate
door a little more... and more.... and more until the crate door is
fully open. Presto, you have just trained your first boundary. Now
you can move this boundary to the front door.

I am sorry if this post is not too clear. You can find more information
at [url]www.puppywishes.com[/url]

When you get to the site send us an email, say you read this post in
Dogomania and we will send you a FREE ebook. It's so simple.


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Are those pictures of your pups? They are sooo cute! I noticed you have a lab and I am a 1st time dog owner of a 7 month old chocolate lab. We are workng on some obedience/manner issues such as jumping up on us and strangers. We tell her "down" and she does get down, but then just jumps back up again. Same every day. What is the difference b/w "down" and "off"?

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