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canine dentistry


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hmmm health or care, health or care? couldn't figure so i did the eeeeneee meeeenneee and ended up here.

anyone ever had any dental work (other than general cleanings) done on their dog? my gaia has badly chipped a premolar and needs a root canal :o . because she is so young the vet does not recommend extraction. i myself have never had a root canal but i have heard the horror stories. i guess the good news is that she will be in la la land for the procedure.

we go tuesday to the doggie dentist for our consult :D

gaia is a power chewer and actually has several chipped teeth but this one chipped in such a way to expose the pulp so it is very painful for her. i have noticed she is not chewing her food on that side and she snubs treats that are on the crisp side. my poor girl!

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When your dog breaks their tooth and the root is exposed it is an emergency. If you get your dog in quick enough the tooth can be saved they use to say within 24 hrs but they are a little more advanced now.
Magic had two broken teeth from breaking a Nylabone in half. She had Vital Pulpotomies done on them. It was a pretty costly procedure almost $1000 Canadian. Someone told me root canals are twice as much.
I never give Magic anything I wouldn’t hit over my knee anymore except for the real uncooked bone I gave her the other day that she broke another tooth on, stupid me :madgo:, but the root is not exposed on this one.
Here is a really good link that explains everything.

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