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Good bye sweet girl

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Guest Anonymous

Good bye...damn that's not something I'd ever say to you.

You were there when James started school, you were there when that funny man would pick us up and we'd go away, you were there when that funny man became my husband. It took you 6 months but you finally realized what a great man he is.

You were always there for James or I to bury our faces in your fur, you'd lick away our tears and wait patiently for us to be done.

You were there when we brought AJ home. You were all to willing to get me if he cried. When he started walking around you hid behind me not sure of what to do.

You taught so many furred intruders the rules of the house, so many puppies how to play, so many kittens to stay off the bed and there is so much more.

I let you go yesterday, I know you understand, I know you are happy now, I know you are free.

I promise you Ariel I will forget the bad times and only remember the good. I know you didn't want to behave the way your did or do the things you did. You are whole and healthy again my baby girl. You won't forget how to get out of a room or that you do know someone who comes into my home.

Nothing will ever replace you in my heart.

Run free baby girl. Know that where you are there are no more thunder storms....no more scary people to try and pet you, nothing will scare you and you are whole again.

Momma loves you and so does James.

Ariel Jan 10, 1998 to Aug. 9, 2004

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