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rescuing a pack hound IS NOT easy...

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I have rescued/fostered a lot of dogs, but NONE like this....Laurel has figured out how to open the screen doors, and let herself out. I have to keep the front one locked now....

She countersurfs, when she know's I wont catch her, like when I'm asleep...

She bugs me to get things for Freebee, because Freebee knows better than to annoy me....how can they gang up on you like that?

I brought home a 25 lb. bag of dog food...dinner was late...she tore it open at the bottom and helped herself....

aaarrgghhhh.....the worst part is it's so HARD to correct her..she has that "OH, I'M SO SOORRYYY" face....no more falling for THAT, that's for sure....

Freebee looks guilty when she's bad....Laurel looks CRUSHED... YEA, RIGHT...

I am being taken advantage of....

:drinking: :drinking:

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