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Breeds and Teeth


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Some breeds are apparently known for having bad teeth. Are there breeds known for having few problems with their teeth. I ask because Zaphod's back teeth look like they will need a dental cleaning in the next 6 months to a year and he is only a year and a quarter. Kavik is perfectly fine and he is older. I feed good kibble, give dental toys, brush and put Suzie's Tarter Control in their water 1-3x a week- both dogs teeth get treated the same.

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I dont think it's a breed thing as much as a teeth thing. Some people simply have better, more resisitant teeth than others. My teeth are terrible, and I never eat sugar, and brush three times a day, floss, etc....
yet my son eats junk food, brushes maybe twice, and his teeth are perfect... I would think dogs are similar....

anyone more knowlegeable feel free to chime in. That's just my take...


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