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Family Dog Returns Home After Six Years!


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[b][size=6]Family dog returns home after six years missing[/size][/b]
Associated Press
Published December 1, 2003BEAR02

WICHITA, Kan. -- Jeanie Flores did a double-take when she glanced out the window of her home last week. A dog outside looked like Bear, the family pet who disappeared in November 1997.

``Oh my God. I think that's my dog!'' she thought to herself.

She called the dog's name. When he responded, she started bawling.

``I called my husband and said, 'I really think this is Bear,''' she said.

Frank Flores rushed home and within seconds agreed with his wife's assessment: Bear, the brindle-colored Lab and chow mix, was home.

The dog's whereabouts for the past six years and his surprise return two days before Thanksgiving remain a mystery.

A veterinarian examined Bear. Though his paws are red and sore in spots, apparently from pounding the pavement, he weighed only one pound less than he did when he disappeared. The vet told the family it appeared someone had taken care of the pooch.

Frank Flores brought Bear home as a puppy in August 1990. Bear disappeared one month after the family's October 1997 move to a new neighborhood.

Because the family had just moved, the address on Bear's ID collar hadn't been changed.

Since returning, Bear has spent his time napping and getting reacquainted with the family, including a son who was not yet born when the dog disappeared.

Frank Flores said he wishes Bear could talk.

``Where was he? He hasn't told us yet,'' he said. ``We don't know how rough a life he's had.''

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