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So Your Dog's Not Lassie

GREAT book!!!!!!! It is my dog bible. The lady that wrote it trains bulldogs with whome she's won multiple obediance awards. And bulldogs are not the easiest to train..... please nobody take that as an offense, I'm sure there are bulldogs out there that are easily trained, it's just from what I've heard from bulldog owners, that they look at u when u ask something of them and go "And why should I do that?" :lol: The book is more of a training book for stubborn/not easily trained/just need to be motivated more dogs. :D It's still a good book though, and I highly recommend it! :D

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Guest Anonymous

"the other end of the leash" by patricia mcconnell.

one of the best books on canine behavior i have read yet - and most important, it explains the differences in how dogs and people communicate, and why it is important to understand those differences to avoid problems.

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"Why Does My Dog...?" by John Fisher

Excellent advice in training ( he's a Behaviorist in Britain) and very fun to read. It's light hearted, not real stuffy, and has some excellent advice and

also, because I like it, "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs" - it's an astrology
book, but she does a whole bit on pets and their astrological behaviors
and it's LOTS of fun to read. (according to her, Snoopy was an
Aquarian.....nothing else could explain his "off the wall" characteristics,
and since I'm an Aquarian I can relate.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: )

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Guest HoangTuBot

Great books for me

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