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Yorkshire terriers

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Guest Anonymous

Hello everybody! :angel:

I've got two ask.

Ask 1:
Have you got yorkshire terrier? I search father for my bich's puppies (emmm... :-? it say: reproductor? ) He must has got pedigree and ... he must be from Europe... If you know good breeding - write to me.

Ask 2:
How much yorkies in your country? In Poland puppies cost 2000zł (1zł = 4$) I want to buy second yorkshire terrier. :D but... I love my first dog :wink:

Please, help me

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Guest Anonymous


This is her photo:

Lady don't like dog shows, because when she was a baby I didn't lern her. I want going on dog shows with her daughters. :D
She is 2 years old.

[quote]What are her outstanding qualities?[/quote]

She has got very good hair (colour, type and long) nice face :D and very good temperament.

[quote]What are her faults?[/quote]

She is too fat...

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I would suggest you start with Lady's breeder to make sure he/she feels Lady should be bred. Her breeder may be able to assist you in finding a quality male, one whose good and bad points will work well with Lady makeup as well. She certainly is a beautiful girl. I know you want to keep her safe, make sure she is in TOP health before you consider breeding her, that does mean you want her to trim down to a proper weight.
Since she has not been shown, are you POSITIVE that she fully meets the breed standard? Have you done genetic testing to make sure she is free of any inheritable diseases or conditions that affect Yorkies?
For some tiny dogs, pregnancy and giving birth can be quite dangerous, another reason she must be in top health and free of any genetics disorders. There is a lot for you to consider before you decide to breed your little Lady and bring babies into the world. You must also consider that you could possibly be risking her life, so weigh all the options. She is young, you have some time to consider all the pros and cons before going ahead with breeding her.
Here is just a bit of info I got from one site, the site link is below.

"Health and Longevity
Yorkies are generally hardy and healthy and long-lived. Like many Toy breeds however, there is some incidence of heriditary/congenital disease in the form of patella luxation, open fontanellas, Perthe's disease and a smaller incidence of elongated soft palate and a tendency to collapsed trachea. * However, conscientious breeders only breed from sound, selected stock, and do their best to eliminate these defects. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that one buy only from a reputable breeder, and never purchase a puppy from a pet shop or 'puppy mill'. Wherever possible one should see the puppy in the home where it was bred, and view its parents, or at least its mother. A reputable breeder will offer constant support and assistance throughout the dog's life. To purchase a puppy from an unreliable source may invite future heartbreak (and huge vet's bills).
* NB: The BVA/KC who conduct health screening schemes for inherited are now advising that Yorkies should undergo eye tests for PRA and late onset HC. These conditionas are under investigation in the UK for this breed. In the USA, many breeders already have their breeding stock tested for PRA."

Here are some links to other Yorkie sites if you'd like to look them over.

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I agree with Carol...breeding toys can be quite risky. We got Macy, our Maltese, after she was retired because she had difficulties giving birth to her second litter. I wouldn't try unless you have an experienced breeder helping out.

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Guest Anonymous

WOW, WOW, WOW! I write, that my english isn't very good... :(

I asked a lot of experts and everybody said me, that she may be mother... Shy is quite big and she shouldn't have a problem with delivery.

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Guest Anonymous

Hello everybody!!!
I'm here new too and i come from Poland just like Lady :D I have 2 yorkshire terriers: Niki ad Sonia :D ! I very want to meet sombody who's have too the same breed(yorkies). And is here sombody who know's how much cost puppy of yorkshire terrier in your country? I hope that my english is not bad :wink:

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