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I was noticing this morning that the tan hair on my puppy's front shoulders and on his hips has a new tint of red. I have never noticed it there before. I looked all through my GSD book and it said that the black puppy colors would lighten up and change as it matures. However, it didn't say anthing about tan colors changing to red. I'm kind of excited. I thought his dad was so pretty with his black and red colors.

His mother was all black (her papers do say black and tan) and his dad was black and red (no tan). My puppy does have a lot of red behind his ears and on the back of his head. I'm really wondering what colors he is going to end up with. Doesn't really matter to me. I'll love him just the same. I'm just really curious.

If any of you could help me try and figure out what he's going to look like, I would appreciate it.


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Oh Slim I wish I had seen this before :roll:

My friend has a dog like you describe (I think) and he is beautiful.I'll go hunt for a pic..........


The one on the right is Tai he is a long-coated gold sable but the one on the left is Razz and he has the darker redish colouring........personally I think they are both gorgeous :)

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