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Pet Store Horror Story

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Guest Anonymous

My boyfriend, Mike, and I went to Shake a Paw on Rt. 22 in Green Brook, NJ on Saturday and would up falling in love with a black lab puppy that was in the store. There were five puppies in the cage, all sisters and the only ones left from the original 10 that were brought in by a breeder (although now we're not that sure it was not from a puppy mill). We met another couple and their daughter who bought one of the sisters, a yellow lab, and exchanged info, planning on getting together with the puppies in the future (Karen). Mike and I planned on going back to pick up the puppy, McKay, once we could buy some supplies and puppy-proof the house. I planned on picking her up on Friday, Feb. 28.
I returned to the store on Sunday (2/23) with my mother so that I could show her McKay. The cage was not in the front of the store any longer and when I asked about that, I was told that she was put in the back because everyone was asking to play with her and since she was sold, they didn't allow that. Then we were told that all play rooms were busy so we'd have to go into a little hallway-like area to play with McKay. She was acting very lethargic and so my Mom suggested that I get her out of the store and to a vet to make sure that she was okay. I asked a worker there, Laura, and she told me that one of her sister's just had kennel cough, the equivalent of a cold. I told the manager that I had decided to take McKay home with me and she gave a coworker a strange look. The worker then went to tell Laura that I was taking McKay and she too, had a weird look to the other girl. I had my Mom take the puppy out to the car while I finished the paperwork. While in the car, my Mom could see someone go into the room where we were playing and wipe it all down. I again asked why McKay had acted so strangely and was reassured that it was most likely kennel cough and that I should watch for vomiting and diariah, which obviously, kennel cough would not cause.
When I got home to my boyfriends, I got a call from my Mom. Karen had called her house (looked me up in the book) and left a message telling me that her puppy was diagnosed with parvovirus, a fatal disease. She had called the petstore at 11:00, an hour and a half BEFORE I went and got McKay. They knew that they were selling me a dog with a possibly fatal disease and did not tell me. Since Karen called, we knew that McKay probably had it as well and so we called the vet. We wound up going to the animal hospital after McKay came down with a slight fever and had diariah. She has now been in the hospital for four days and it's looking like it will be another week. The store will give up to two times the cost of the dog, which is helpful but will not cover the entire medial bill.
Mike went to see the owner yesterday, Feb. 25, and he told him that three of the puppies have parvo and they have two in the back of the store, "being isolated". I had been told that they were sold. The thing is, those dogs are not getting the around the clock medical treatment that they need to survive. Shakeapaw knowingly sold ill dogs and now they are letting two more puppies go without proper treatment. There are at least 40 puppies in that store that have now been exposed to parvovirus. Only half will live, if treated. Please help to make this story heard.

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