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What is a puppy farm?

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[b]Very nicely put K Well done[/b]
I hope it has the desired effct and that future buyers will take care when looking for a puppy and refer to the kennel club of whatever country they live in for lists of responsible breeders
Ickle :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Having just read the post above i feel quite angry, why are we letting people breed and keep dogs in this appauling manner, we should have these places shut down and rehome the animals, poor things, how cruel can man be to their fellow earth beings, they have a heart the same as us and believe me they love and feel just like we do........ what can we do to stop this terrible practice from carrying on..........HELP THEM :( :(

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Spay and Neuter! Especially if you KNOW you have a puppy-farm puppy.

A few years ago my aunt, who adores Shiz-Tzus, found one she fell in love with at a pet shop. Sign said AKC registered so she bought. A couple months later she found another at the same store. She called my mom who was on the look out for Shiz-Tzu herself. Mom wired money and my aunt went down and bought the second puppy. Mom planned to possibly breed for emotional reasons. Only when she tried to register the puppy, Sammy, she discovered multiple errors in the paperwork and to top it all off her vet informed her that Sammy was most likely from a puppy-farm because his front feet are twisted and other noticably wrong features. After talking to my aunt she discovered similar problems with the other puppy. Mom neutered Sammy without a second thought. She continually tells me puppy-farms are about the money only, so she took the money out of the equation.

This set of events opened my eyes so much so that when I was in a position to look for and buy a puppy of my own I was extremely careful to buy one from a caring breeder. I thourghly looked Felix over before I agreed to buy him. I also asked tons of questions about him, his parents, his litter-mates, and the breeder's home and family life. I made sure that I received a written health gaurentee in which I would get my money back if the vet saw something that I missed, just in-case the breeder wasn't truly honest with me.

It pays to be extra careful when looking for an addition to the family.


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Yeah puppy mills are bad. If you think your buying a puppy from the mill to save a puppy please think again. Do you want to spend lots of money in the future to fix them? Puppy mills dogs do have alot of health problems just because their parents were not taken care of properly.
It is obvious that we cannot stop puppy mill because some people are not knowledgeable but we can improve it.

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