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140 Horses Abused in Oregon


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I know this is a dog forum but had to post I'm so bummed out by this.

2 weeks ago law enforcement officers issued a search warrant to a couple in their 60's who had been reported for abusing their [b]140[/b] horses. A hay delivery man had been on the premises and didn't think the horses looked healthy.
Offficials seized all of the horses and the residents of Oregon state are gathering in efforts to save the poor animals.
All of the horses were mal-nourished, had worms and their hooves were so long to the point they were curling into themselves.
The couple is said to be a pair of horse traders who moved here 6 months ago from Washington state. The couple has been arrested and looking at 210 counts of animal abuse. Now's the really horrible part.
The 210 is because half of the horses were carrying foals and in their mal-nourished state it is not known if the foals will survive.
There are some really true, thoughtful people out there though. The Save The Horses fund has been getting very generous donations and they have also received truckloads of hay, free vet care, boarding (nice home with heat) their feet have been trimmed. All I can say is at least for those foals that do survive they may know a much better world than that of their parents.
How can anyone do this and live with themselves? How can you not see 140 starving horses staring in your window. Why didn't neighbors report this before it got to this point? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?
On a side note: I went to the BB forum to see what everyone was talking about and was quite angered by this: "Dogs should be treated like dogs not like people." Everyone has their opinion and is free to express it but why can't those of us who love our dogs and horses like kids treat them this way. Is it so wrong? My dogs know I'm alpha, but I'm also best friend, mommy and they will never be denied the love they so deserve.
Okay enough for now I could stay on this topic forever.
Thanks for listening.

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I'm angered to hear of those horses being starved and mistreated, here's hoping both people get the book thrown at them.

Regarding 'treating dogs like dogs', I DO understand where you are both coming from as often this, like Mei-Mei said, is an excuse to treat them inhumanely.

I started a new thread regarding 'treating dogs like dogs' if anyones interested.

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For anyone who is interested. Attached is a link to an update on the horse case in Central Oregon.
:oops: Yellow I don't know how I couldn't respond, I'm so sorry. Don't know how that happened.
There is some good coming from this case as Oregonians are banning together to save all of the horses and it is also making the people of Oregon become more aware of animal abuse and neglect. Hopefully stricter laws will ensue and people will pay attention to what is happening around them instead of ignoring the problems.

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ok...i just went to that link...and i'm going to be sick....as the proud owner of horses all my life, the only thing anyone could ever accuse me of is OVERfeeding my horses. my dad and i rescued Spike when he was two...we saw him in a 10x10 lot with no food, and a bathtub with an inch of frozen water in it. it was december, and cold, and he was catching the dead oak leaves rolling into his pen and EATING them!! my dad showed his true colors that day.....he actually gave the guy our CAR for the horse because the man said he wouldn't take a check! he was 2 years old, and my dad and i were able to PICK HIM UP and set him in the horse trailer!!!

when you said their hooves were curled up, i was thinking ok, that can be fixed.....then i saw the pictures!!! :o :o those hooves are so distorted, they can never be truly fixed....for hooves to curl that far, the ankle bones would already be distorted and the white walls would have fallen by now!!! even trimming the hooves will never allow those horses to support a human rider ever again!! and those hooves look like founder....which means those poor creatures had to have been eating weeds poisonous to horses to survive!! i'm so mad right now i could spit in these people's faces :mad:

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I didn't post to make anyone mad or upset. I thought you might want an update on how they are doing.
Sorry everyone.
But the good news is that this disaster has made Oregon government officials as well as, Oregonians aware of the animal abuse problem. See most normal people think "Oh, that couldn't happen here, not in my town." We've had several wonderful rescue groups form since this happened. Also all the businesses have chipped in with raffles, event dinners and lots more. And they are all doing it for the horses.
None of these horses will be ridden or can be ridden we know that. But they can live the rest of their lives in peace, being happy, healthy horses.
They will all go to caring environments. None will be auctioned or sold to inexperienced people. I just thank god they found out when they did.
:cry: Yes the hoofs look horrible. The save the horses campaign is growing every day here in Central Oregon.
It's hard for me to be too upset as I now know that each of these horses and their foals will now have a chance to experience love and a clean living environment. I will keep donating what I can and pray for them every night. Mad at the people who did it yes, but so glad for the horses.
I know it's hard but try to think happy thoughts. They have been saved from a horrible fate and we are all doing what we can to help them every step of the way. :)

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