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  1. I know how you feel DP we went through the same thing. Start on the carpet keep walking, end up on wood floor (still going), then back to carpet before we can grab her. Fortunately it has been almost 2 months since her last accident. Good luck and hang in there.
  2. Completely baffled. Help us out Yellow. Moon walking shoes? They look dangerous. :wink:
  3. wildbunch

    Update on Collies

    What is the American justice system coming to? It's a let down for sure. I personally think she should have to do time serving animals in shelters and never be allowed to own an animal again.
  4. Saying a prayer for the return of the pup. Poor woman. I have to say I'm so disgusted with the human race right now. Don't people understand that to most of us our dogs are our children!
  5. Very well said Watchdog. I would hate to see such a lovely breed banned from the U.S. because of people who think that a breed should remain the same as it once was. If that was the case we wouldn't have many of the wonderful breeds we have today. If you feel threatened, BUY AN ALARM. If your dog truly loves you he/she will protect you as you are his pack. I wish that ALL breeders had to have a license to breed and that checks were performed on all kennels. But that is a dream and will most likely never happen. So please don't had yourself to the list of irresponsible breeders. Unless you plan to improve upon a breed for the world today, don't breed! Our world is changing, people need to accept this.
  6. Yep, I can relate with every single one. Pretty bad. But you gotta love the big goofy ones.
  7. I would have to say that your dog not wanting to go in the house was from the smoke smell lingering. Dogs senses of smell are so much more accute than a humans. You may not have noticed an after smell but your dog more than likely did and it scared him. Animals do not like fire by instinct. Were the cops in your house? In between the house and where the dog was? He could have been frightened by their presence and didn't want to go near them. How is he now?
  8. 13 is old for a large breed dog. I have a malamute and have him on aspirin for pain in the joints. In my personal opinion you did nothing to harm your dog, he was just ready to cross the rainbow bridge. No one has proven that aspirin will cause liver failure and aspirin is so much better than the higher powered prescription meds.
  9. Ask both in one if you like. Fire away, we're ready.
  10. Jolly, Best thing to do is research. Are there any Newfie owners in your area? Breed clubs? How about a rescue? Newfiemom could probably help in that area. Take a look here for more info on the Newfie: [url]http://www.newfdogclub.org[/url] You can also call breeders and talk to them about your living environment and they will tell you if a Newfie would be suitable for your lifestyle. Hope this helps.
  11. What happened to Bones ear? Poor kid :( I hope he finds a good home.
  12. Will this madness ever end! :x Sheer morbid curiousity made me look. 94 week old Malamute is a puppy? To who? Care: minimal grooming? Yeah right, in a perfect world. :lol: Boy are these people in for a world of shock when they see how much these guys shed. I didn't make myself look at any others. Would lose my mind. Who dreams up this stuff?
  13. If he doesn't want to deal with hair definately don't let him get the mal cross. Our house, clothes, cars, basically everything is covered with his hair. We brush every other day, bath when he needs it. LOTS of hair. Of course, depends on the cross but still be ready to deal with shedding! It is a little scary that his dog got out that much. Would definately look into that before placing a new pup with him. Hope everything works out.
  14. Unfortunately I went to work crying today. My husband was watching CNN before I left and all of sudden the story was on. They showed the footage and I am now haunted by the images. I can tell you now that I will never forget that poor dog. He had no chance. The owners did cry out several times to close the car doors. The dog did not show sign of aggression towards ANY officer. He never had a chance, it looked like he was trying to go to mom who was yelling for him to stay away from the highway. The officer just blatantly shot the dog several times. Could the officer not have shot the dog in the leg if he felt threatened? He was shooting first and asking questions later. NOTE TO ALL MEMBERS WHO HAVE NOT SEEN THE FOOTAGE: Do not watch the footage! Please for your sakes. My husband and I both are now haunted by the images. If it comes on the t.v. turn it off. I am very serious. I am now home and my husband and I both cried again over the cruelty.
  15. So glad I could help. :lol: I've been laughing non stop since I read your reply. What an image! :oops: Thanks for releasing me from the doghouse, was getting a little chilly. Let's just leave it at I owe you one. How's that sound?
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