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Found 2 results

  1. We all have reasons to love Germany, from its beauty to its brilliant beer to the people and many other reasons. Then there is the long list of lovable dogs. Germans have various breeds of native dogs. The Innovet Pet Husky Shepherd mix is a crossbreed between the German Shephard and the adorable Siberian Husky. Here is a list of the Most Popular German Dog Breeds to hail from the country: · American Eskimo Dog Believe it or not, an American Eskimo has nothing to do with the Americans and has no links with the Eskimos. It is a very friendly dog, a bit fluffy and originates from the German Spitz. It was discovered in the 1800s and was one of the earliest dogs to learn and perform tricks. Found in the Midwest of Germany, where it was known to have arrived first in the 19th century. It was the first dog to perform tricks such as walking on a tightrope as trained. Its name changed to American Eskimo due to the anti-german protests that were present at the time. This dog is highly lovable. Source: Wikipedia. com · Boxer According to AKC stats, the Boxer, German breed, is a very popular breed in the U. S. A. During the world war the Germans introduced boxer as a helpful tool in the war. Their characteristics make them largely loved. It can stand using its back legs only and confront its opponent like a professional boxer, hence the name Boxer. They originate from Munich, Germany and used by the German hunters for hunting. It has been there since the 19th century. Source: Wikipedia. com · Dachshund This type of breed, the Dachshund is very old going back in German’s history. They date back as early as the 16th century. They have a unique and very strong sense of smell. Nicknamed ‘badger dogs’ due to their elongated canine teeth, which they used to dig rodents from the ground. They are nice to people, very lovable and love to play, so are mostly kept in homes. · Doberman Pinscher This breed, the Doberman Pinscher originally came from Germany in the 18th century; it is usually black and quite muscular. The breed got its name from Louis Dobermann from Apolda who as a tax collector. He used to own the dog and liked keeping it as his guard. It is an excellent protector of man, as labeled by Louis. Doberman, mostly used by police due to its ability to absorb and retain training. It is also very loyal, obedient and humble. · German Shepherd The German Shepherd breed is the most popular breed in Germany. First unleashed in the year 1899 by a captain was known as Credit Max von Stephanitz. In his search for a dog good enough to work for him, he came across the German shepherd. The qualities of his type of dog impressed him, which include being confident, courageous, smart, strong and very loyal. It gives birth to many puppies and is loved worldwide. With its qualities, it is considered a ‘family dog’ and is very fond of children. · Great Dane ‘King of dogs’ is the popular nickname given to the Great Dane. It has qualities such as being elegant, strong and is large no wonder the nickname. They are great family dogs since they are also very loving and gentle. The Germans have bred them since the 1800s. Years ago, they were for hunting before but nowadays are kept in homes to secure the places. · Leonberger The Leonberger breed at one point in time almost went extinct only to be bred and recreated by two Germans who felt the need to keep the breed alive. They were at first kept for family reasons, to help with such things as farming. Later, they became modeling dogs due to their beautiful lion-like looks. · Miniature Pinscher The Miniature Pinscher breed, usually referred to as the ‘King of toys’ since it is a tiny Min Pin. They are cheeky but very smart. Nowadays, they get taken for daily walks for exercise purposes. Its fur is compact and very smooth, making them have nice looks. People love them, and the fact that they are always alert makes them more lovable. The breed is a good pet for apartment dwellers. Source: Wikipedia. com · Miniature Schnauzer These Miniature Schnauzers have been around since 1899. Originally bred to help in farming, they were able to keep farms in check, ground to catch rats and other unwanted rodents on farms. Its name comes of the Standard Schnauzer from Germany. Nowadays they are mostly kept in small city apartments and being a good pet for apartment dwellers they love it and seems to have coped with that well. · Poodle Sadly, for these Poodle dogs get equated to having no brains which are weird since, in reality, these dogs are very clever, active and obedient when it comes to training. Germany has been keeping all the three types of poodle dogs breed, which are mostly differentiated by their sizes. This breed can swim quite efficiently using the ‘poodle clip’ that was created by German hunters to help the dog move through water during hunting activities. Conclusion Those are the most popular types, but Germany has very many breeds, and the best dogs get bred in Germany according to experts which I cannot dispute because the few types we’ve covered have such great traits. Great cross breeds such as the Innovetpet Husky Pitbull mix are all products of German and American breeds. More Stories on Dogomania: http://www.dogomania.com/forum/topic/55628-best-breeder/ http://www.dogomania.com/forum/profile/31590-bensam/?do=content&all_activity=1&page=2
  2. Z racji tego, że jakiś czas temu odszedł mój najwspanialszy przyjaciel, miesiące zostały spędzone na opłakiwaniu tak wielkiej straty, zaczęłam rozglądać się za nowym towarzyszem. Mój wybór padł na haszczaka, ponieważ chciałabym psa który będzie mi towarzyszył w bieganiu i będzie na tyle duży, że nie będę się bała biegać z nim po ciemku (nie wszyscy wiedzą, że husky ich nie zje a ja się będę czuła bezpieczniej niż biegając z pieskiem do połowy łydki). Codziennie biegam, mam dość duże podwórze (nie przeszkadzają mi dziury, mam jeszcze kilka po moim piesku) i do ton sierści jestem przyzwyczajona bo mój śp Moherek zostawiał po sobie materiał na milion swetrów. Mam też dość czasu, który mogę psu poświęcić. Teraz moje pytanie: Zainwestować w huskiego z "krwi i kości" czy mixa z owczarkiem niemieckim? Z jednej strony pies ze starannie dobranymi rodzicami, jak najbardziej odciążony od wad genetycznych (nigdy w 100%) a z drugiej strony jedna wielka niewiadoma... Doradzilibyście mi coś? :)
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