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  1. I thought she'd need her CGC. I went to the site but it was about buying a book about investment or something to that nature. EDIT: Ok I did a google search and found it. It was .org...lol I'm checking it out now.
  2. That is aweful! I've had similar experiences. One where the owner of the dog said the dog wouldn't bite. It was following me and growling at me. I had to stop in hopes that it wouldn't bite, then the dog was smelling me and growled. The owner kept saying the dog wouldn't bite, everytime I attempted to move it wanted to bite me and when the owner got close everytime he attempted to pick the dog up it tried to turn around and bite him. This is a dog that "wouldn't bite" "He's not going to hurt you". At least he was trying to get the dog back under control, but saying its not going to bite is flat out lying. There was also the time I was confronted by an aggressive Australian Cattle Dog, the owners NEVER tie him up. They believe the dog should roam. They tie out the female, she's broke free and even come up here, but she's very sweet and submissive. The male is out of control, they just open the door and let him out and he wonders all over. The only thing that probably saved me, was I stood so and didn't look at him as he growled, barked, and lunged around me and then another dog behind a shed began barking and he ran off that way. My heart was pounding, it makes me so mad. The dog has bit a couple people already. The dog even lunges and jumps on parked cars when people are in them. Complaints have been made but the AC does nothing and when he comes out to check (he never comes right away) the dog is always back inside the home. He says you have to have "proof" the dog was running free, the dog is mean, ect. The police car abosolutly nothing they will file complaints but won't do anything, its not their concern and they don't think its important enough to waste time on.
  3. Okay well I didn't mean for it to sound odd? Just telling him, but I don't think he could still comprehend the reasoning of not breeding her until she is old enough, until she is proven, or maybe not breeding her at all. I don't think he knows anything about selective breeding just putting two dogs together probably to make some money. I can kind of understand people asking ?s to better understand or get a better pic, but sometimes its a little much, so many ?s to answer from different people and some have seemed very rude. I'm not against resccue, I'm actual for it. But breeders are what keeps a breed alive, most rescues or shelter dogs they may be great, but you get a higher quality dog from breeders. If you just want a pet then it may be fine to go to a rescue or shelter, for others they would rather buy from a breeder and have a full history on their dog and security. I've never minded ?s about my dogs, but I've never been asked so many questions at once, not just people curious or making convo. Grilling was the correct word, but I have nothing to prove and if some one doesn't like me breeding, it wont really offend me or upset me at all. There are many who are like this and all for rescue (I have a relative who's one) and totally against breeding. Now I don't want to be overly sensative and take things personally, but I don't think even if you are for rescue you should have a chip against all breeders, its not very fair. Some people don't understand that without selective breeding, breeds die. There is breed type and a lot of rescues come from bybs and lack this. They probably dont have this in their first thoughts since they focus on rescue. Now if some one is thinking of going to a byb, I always send them to shelters. You have the same chance of getting a good dog their, thats where most shelter dogs come from, but at shelters they come with vaccs, deworming and altered and you are saving a life instead of paying a byb directly and saving $, its cost more from bybs then most shelters and the vet care would be added to that. You can't believe that breeders don't care about dogs in rescue, there are a lot of breeders who do rescue or help in rescue. I have helped rescue and rehome Pit Bulls (and some pups of other breeds), but that hasn't made me decide breeding is wrong. Some one (I dont know which member it was or the exact quote) even asked how my dogs are more special then all the dogs dying in shelters everyday. Thats sounds like an extreme comment to me. My dogs are special to me because they are mine, but each persons dog is special to them. Dogs being special are no reason to breed them, they're not bred because they are special. I think that all dogs deserve a home and are special in their own ways and to some one, but the dogs in the shelters are usually from backyard breeders or accidental litters, unwanted pets and strays from these types of breeding and are not the same quality. I've owned rescues and mixed breeds, they were special to me, but I know that their parents should have never been allowed to breed and the same goes for most of the other dogs in the shelters. The parents of those dogs most likely should have been spayed or neutered. I loved the ones I had, but they also had some health problems and couple had temperament problems. Breeding is done to better the breed and for its improvement, where bybs ruins a breed and rescuing helps dogs out, but doesn't do much for the future of keeping the breed alive. [quote]If you are truly looking out for the best interests of the breed, then more power to you. But expect some flak (try not to take it too personally) from people who have seen the nasty side of the coin. dogs being put down JUST because they are Pits. Dogs in shelters, with no hope of finding homes. Pits abused, starved, fed gun powder. We here have issues with all of that. Please understand, you will be grilled about some of it, but its not nasty. Its just concern. we hate to see any animal suffer. I understand the chains you use, if the dog can truly pull 1000lbs. no average chain could hold it. I have to ask, is a fence not better? or do yo have to keep them seperated? I know some of them have to be seperated.... Help me, and the others who dont have dogs who can pull 1000 lbs, understand. and welcome to Dogo.[/quote] So we have the same issues, thats what this post was about. I know it was Rotts the guy has, but the same thing obviously happens to Pits. And some things go hand in hand, about last month a Rott attacked a man after jumping out of its 6ft kennel. Now this just gave one up to banning not only Rotts but Pits too and possibly chows was also mentioned. Yes they have to be seperated and I do have a fence and kennel runs. Fences don't work for keeping them in because they are not secure, this is why I use chains they are secure and safe. Dogs jump over fences, dogs will dig under fences, dogs go through chainlink fences and they climb over fences. So to me this isn't being responsible when it takes about 5 mins (or less) for a dog to get out of one. When mine run is in the fenced yard they are supervised and usually I'm playing with them or two dogs are playing together so its not a problem. I did have one think about jumping because she was chasing birds (that were in the sky but she could see them) and bugs and came to the end of the fence and thought she would try to get the butterfly, but I was out there and just called her name out. [quote]Why are you thinking about breeding your dog? Have you health tested her? How were her hips? Her heart? How is her temperment? Do you show her? Weight pull? What is her registry? Have you looked at the thousands of pit bulls right now on Petfinder? Have you gone to your local shelter & looked into the eyes of the pit bulls that are already on this earth looking for homes? How long have you owned pit bulls? How many do you have?[/quote] Because I am a breeder of APBTs, thats what I do and that is why I've aquired the dogs that I have. Thats why I've painstakenly went through the trouble of finding the dogs I think will represent the breeds and those that do not, I've put a lot into them and turned around and not bred them. Thats why I spend almost all my free time working with them, thats why I'm always busy. Thats why I have to wake up early and go to bed late, because it takes time to condition them, time to clean the yard, time to feed, check chains, water, it not only takes time to go to shows it takes money and time OFF work where you'd be making money. Everything about dogs takes money and anyone who thinks you make money is just crazy, such as my Aunt who always insist I must make so much money and how good money dogs must be, which is so aggrivating. Everything about them takes money, buying the dog, buying kennels, crates, chains, collars, harness, houses, feed, vaccs, test, illness, all the other supplies and equipment it can get very expensive. Breeding dogs isn't a walk in the park, its very taxing. With all this I do love my dogs and they are worth every minute of it and every dime. This is what I've chosen to do with my dogs. Where others may only have time for pets, or don't want to add to overpoplation by breeding their pet knowing they don't have time to deal with breeding the way it should be done. Others might do agility or fun shows with their pets for the fun of it, but don't have time to breed or an interest in breeding. Thats their choice and its a great one for them. To me the questions just seem kind of funny to ask some one who breeds. Like are they registered-Well yes of course. I do BREED, not that pets are not reg. But a dog being registered is no reason for breeding, just because it has papers doesn't mean its breed quality or a justification to breed it. But yes I breed ADBA/AADR reg conformation and weight pull dogs. Healthtest and hips-Well if you knew enough about breeding and took the time to read my post you'd see that she is only 18 months old and to be cert and have a positve/negative, ect dog must be 2 yrs of age. Her temp-Its crappy thats why I'm going to breed her to get more dogs that are man biters....lol J/K her temp is fine for the moment. She's just very hyper and driven, but thats in her breeding and lineage. Even though she is very hyper,active, loves to work and has a high prey drive, she also has sense. She just had a 4 year old petting her where she just sat down for him, then she rolled over so he could pet her tummy, next second she was up watching a rabbit scurry in the dark, he came back up to her and she completly went back to giving her gentle attention to him. She is only a show dog and she will never weight pull. I haven't visited pet finder in a while, last time was looking at all the poos crosses b/c some one breeding them thought they were rare...lmao I doubt that. There are no Pit Bulls in my local shelter to my knowledge. Although I haven't looked in a couple months, theres probably none. I did go to a really big one (about 1 hr away) and there were several Pits and more Pit mixes. There were also many labs, goldens and cocker spaniels. The sad truth is that not all of them will be able to find homes. There are way too many dogs on earth, I did have a statistic on dogs and now I can't remember it exactly, but I believe that for every dog to have a home every person would need to own 9 dogs. Which would never happen. I have seen all the dogs of many breeds overpopulated in the shelter, most there for no better reason then the owner got tired of taking care of them. One reason why bybs saying family and friends will take dogs really bugs me, most the time their family or friend gets tired of the dog, or their kid wouldn't take care of it like they promised and it ended up in the shelter. But these thousands of dogs in shelters (even though they deserve homes) again, this is not my fault, I feel sorry for ALL DOGS not just Pits in shelters, but I don't feel guilty because I haven't put them there and I've done my fair share of rescuing. Which has nothing to do with it, some breeders dont rescue at all and some buyers only buy from breeders, which I can't blame them for. I would also like to make the point that # of years you own a breed doesn't always count for much. If you're new to a breed then you probably shouldn't be breeding. But I have seen kennels where they may be 5 short years into dogs and they are doing everything right and are very dedicated to their breed and have come a long way in a short time, others I've have seen saying they've had Pits for the last decade and they still don't seem to get it. They never started out right and never work towards doing better, improving their dogs, their kennel, their breeding program. They just have a bunch of dogs that they keep breeding, really for no reason other then making money or self gratification perhaps. I've met people saying they've had Pits their whole lives and I'm like thats great and think you can have a covorsation with them about dogs and they don't know anything about Pit Bulls, its kind of scarey. To think they've been around them their whole life and learned nothing. For me it started as a 5 yr old child, I was taught how to handle, care for and respect bulldogs. Of course when you're a child you don't know much about whats going on or breeding per sae, its more like pups are fun to play with, this dog pulls that fun. Shows interesting and just for fun. Until you grow to understand how things are actually done, then you learn the "rules", ins and outs. But I've still been content with just owning them, including some that were rescues and mixed. Even just doing stuff with them for fun. Until I decided I was where I was at in my life and ready to begin my own breeding program. It still takes time to accomplish, its more then saying "Hey I have this papered female and now I'm just going to breed her because now I'm ready". Its more work and a lot of involvment and still choosing only the best of what you have or what you've decided to buy. I currently own 4 APBTs (1 male, 3 females) and have breeding rights to another. Its my choice and I won't feel guilty for breeding or that I am choosing to do something wrong.
  4. I'm not trying to justify anything. Only tell a simply story, it was a little windy the small trees couldn't take the wind one branch snapped off, she got released and ran in to the house and found him. Giving him his usual hug and sitting in his lap. I dont think thats justifying it and I hope it wasn't so confusing this time.
  5. Ok, thanks I will check it out.
  6. I don't have much time as I'm about to leave, so I'll make it quick. If anyone would be so kind as to post info about Therapy Dogs I would really appreciate it. I have a dog which I'm thinking about doing therapy dog work with in the local nursing home. Many of the elder people dont get much attention, not even from family members and many also love animals. How to get involved? Certification? Permission? Ect anything that would help me.
  7. When people ask ?s like that I do usually answer, they are curios and just want to know and discuss. But actually if you haven't noticed in every post I make people are asking ?s like they are interrogating me, I can make a about anything and it simply comes back to me, these same ?s were asked in another post and some of the answers lied in my OP so why would people ask them? And in other post things have been explained but the same statements are made or ?s asked like people dont read what I've said, so posting it AGAIN and AGAIN seems like a waste of time. Dont dogs needs to be reg to be shown, I'd say yes and to win ribbons the dogs must actually be shown, the dog in my avatar didn't get to be shown and place w/o being reg. I've answered some of these ?s in previous boards in a non hostile setting and have been PMed many times about people interested in my dogs, those were people who really seemed to want to know, because they were curious or interested, not because they wanted to look for more reasons to judge some one or say you are bad owner, they didn't make a negative statements in every post I made. Anyway sure I'll post some answers later, in a diff thread.
  8. Previous trolls and bad owners shouldnt make you quick to judge others. You could make some people turn away that might need help or advice, even if they are in the wrong yelling at them or insulting them would make them mad, instead of offering advice in a non rude way and make them not become defensive. You have two APBTs? You have them in your house and seperated. How do you accomplish this. The chain isn't heavy, it wasn't really a big chain either. Maybe it is the pic and how close up the pic was, it has a big (non heavy) lap link, quicklink and snap all linked together in the front. The pic isn't sad at all, she isn't a sad dog, she's happy and full of life. Lol 4ft no I dont think so and I dont see how you could keep a dog on a 4ft chain, wouldn't they walk in their poo and not have much room to exercise? I don't mind if some one is against breeding but I don't think they should disliked for the fact that they may have several dogs or that they breed. I'm not adding to your hype or BS like that, dont have a problem with BSL here (surprising with all the morons). Now just this past month their has been whispers of BSL b/c some wonderful owners thought they could keep a Rott merely in a kennel run and she got out so now some one is in the hospital b/c of their irresponsible acts. They also have pits and other dogs. But if any BSL is actually to be proposed our club will fight it and it will never go through, so I'm not real worried just scheming on some ways and things to do with my dogs. The people here love pits (mostly) but this new guy is wanting to ban them because of the ROTTWEILER attacking and because he has made several new ridiculous laws involving dogs. I'm sorry that I can't stop bybers or help dogs dying in sheltes, but this is not my fault and I cant do anything about it. Except the occasional time I have to rehome some one's throw away disposable pit bull.
  9. Oh b/c it popped up in the ads by google above th eforum and they said they show and stuff but I didn't see any evidence of that. I wasn't really interested, I just liked their red brindle pups and the bloodline cross, but I'm not buying on impulse, they are really cute though and red brindle is my fav color and the cross was nice. I was just curious to know more about them, b/c some people dont put all their info online and they might be a good kennel. I'm always searching for some rep kennels and people I may not have met. I just bought a pup from a rep kennel and I'm out money anyway, she's red brindle miracle, because their was only one pup for sale out of the litter and she happened to be red brindle which I didn't know I saw buckskins were in the litter. Of course that wasnt important as I never choose on color, just a plus.
  10. [quote]What do you mean by proven? Please specify... Are they registered? Show dogs? Pullers? How many dogs do you have? And how often do you breed?[/quote] Actually I could, but I'm not sure I want to because I dont feel like it. I'll probably just leave this forum and go back to the Pit Bull forums I'm usually on and the other pet forum I visit. You really know how to make new people feel welcomed dont you...lol you guys are great people and perfect dog owners, I hope you enjoy judging people and putting them on trial. Everything I post I'm such a bad person in it huh, so damn irresponsible. I'm pretty tired of answering all these silly questions, this is the trial to see if you are a good dog owner huh, and if you are worthy of being on the board. It shouldn't be your concern, the post was about a guy wanting me to breed a dog too young and his step dad feeding the rotts gunpowder. I do see those questions asked a lot online, gunpoweder, how do i make my pits head bigger, chest wider, meaner does gunpowder work, does viniger in the eyes work, how can I attack train my pit bull, can i breed a 9 month old female to 100lbs 12 month old, all these usually I think are trollers but when you get these questions in real life in a serious manner it shocks you back to reality. Well see ya b/c I have to go mess with the dogs some more.
  11. I'm very sorry if you guys didn't pass the 1st grade, but I'm not going to call some one and tell them to bring dogs inside because there is a thunderstorm. I'm not driving to some ones house who is way, way, way out in the boonies to go get the dog and bring it in my house. And 2nd theres nothing irresponsible about leaving dogs outside in rain/thunder. Just because you choose to or have the luxery of having indoor dogs doesn't mean everyone else needs to or has to and if they dont they are not irresponsible or evil. I feel so bad now, my dogs were outside when it rains, in their cozy houses sleeping.
  12. I had a female in heat, this guy didn't know what was "wrong" with her "backend". Of course nothing was wrong with her, she was in heat. So he says you better find a male to breed her with. I said she isn't old enough nor proven, I don't know if I will breed her. He ask how old she is 18 months. He tried to tell me that was old enough and he'd let them go at it as puppies, if they could "do it" they could breed. I just wanted to knock the guy in the head and say WTF is wrong with your mind. But I kept cool. If that isn't bad enough this flake ask does feeding dogs gunpowder make them mean. DUH its slowly killing them, which I and the other breeder there said and tried to explain. He then continues that his step dad used to breed Rotts and fed them gunpowder because he wanted to make them mean. He had to shoot some because they turned on the kids. What did he expect? People like this shouldn't be allowed to even own dogs, let alone breed dogs. Or breed themselves, people like this don't need kids. If they can't take care of dogs how can they take care of kids and to put their lives in danger like that. REAL SMART people.
  13. There are said to be some other pit owners here and such. Anyway while browsing this site, this kennel [url]http://str8upkennels1.homestead.com/index.html[/url] Str8 Up Kennels popped up on the adds above and I decided to check it out. Has anyone ever heard of this kennel or have experience with them (which I doubt its probably a long shot to run into some one having experience with a certain kennel that pops up out of the blue), but even if you've heard of them or know anything about them please share. They said bred for show/weight pull in the pop up thing and have Jeep/Tab and Rascal lines so I thought I'd check em out.
  14. [quote]I dont get it.........if you know the dog has a fear of thunder.....why leave the dog out?[/quote] 1. I used to bring her in plenty times during T-storms and just because she was good in the house. 2. She seemed to have got over her fears of storms when she was here. 3. I don't have her and didn't leave her out, as I said (if you read) she belongs to some one else now. [quote]Why do you use such giant chains on your dogs?! The chains in your sig look like tow chains![/quote] Because they are the only thing that hold. They are secure and wont break. Giving safety and security. I check the hardware everyday, replace anything warn and make sure everything is working properly.
  15. 7 great danes.... :o Wow that would be a very tight fit indeed. [quote]Indicating you have others that remain outside all the time?[/quote] Ah not sure, none of my dogs stay outside all the time. However the outside dogs live outside the house pit lives inside, but she's not inside all the time either.
  16. I'm glad for those owners, if their was an alternate way (I knew of) I'd be fine with keeping my dogs that way. However I'v never been able to find a safer source then this type of set up and its what most long time breeders have used for decades thats always been a no fail way. They dont come out of the ground for anything it seems. Decades old and not that a change would be bad, there just isn't too many options I can see. Thank you for taking the time to view my site and dogs, getting ready to update it soon with more new pics. The most important thing for my dogs is to be happy, healthy and safe.
  17. I would hope she's never hit by lightning! No way to take all the dogs inside just because of a T-storm. That would be all the time, it T-Storms often. During an ice storm I had branches falling everywhere on my yard, it was crazy, crushed a whole kennel and landed on a dog house. My dogs were inside because of the storm and temps (some dogs were out despite the storm which caused powerlines to fall and was actually dangerous to anything outside, some people leave them out when their is temp warnings too), but it would be horrible if the dog was in the kennel. I couldn't believe all the damage this storm caused, everywhere was covered with sticks and so many large branches. After re-reading it I can see its doesnt sound so funny you would have to know the dog and the situation. Normally she would have played with the treebranch (which wasnt real huge or anything at all) but she's always had a slight fear of thunder so maybe that did it. He should be using bullsnaps anyway instead of what he is IMO. When I had the dog she's was, just not happy-happy to see others, she loves people and would always sit to be petted and wag her tail, but she really loved me and bonded a lot with me. There was a bond she wouldn't have towards other people like she did with me. When he came to pick her up she was happy to see him and gave him a hug and acted in the same manner as she always done to me but never anyone else. So just to see her run past all the other dogs (esp one male that they argue a lot) and run right in the house and find him, it would have been kind of funny. Esp if you were him and the dog runs in and finds you. Its like child running to their parents room when it thunders. Had she not been such a tyrant I probably would have had her as a house dog alternating her and my current house dog. Actually I did because my current house dog was a puppy back when I had this dog so they were in the house together and she's a good "baby sitter", but if I had kept her I'd probably alternate and keep both of them in. Because she's a small female, perfect for inside. She also loves to work and it would keep her from arguing so much. Abosolutly loves puppies, lets them do whatever she's great with them. She just had the problem where she would want to argue with everyone, like she still does there. He took a rescue of mutts (not sure how they'll turn out) these dogs were over 6 months old, malnourished and under socialized, so they are going to be very hard to work with, but all he can do is try. One climbed out of its 6 ft kennel and kept going up to her to tease her, it did know to stay away from her. It never got too close, but would to the more docile dogs and eat their food too. She didn't act aggressive either he just knew. He finally got the dog caught in a large cage (like you see them use on AP), otherwise there would have been no way they are so skidish to people one was finally warming up and wouldn't go to the opposite of the run when he went to feed him. Anyway the loose one stayed out of her reach. He basically has his baby spoiled male also, he and she are usually the 2 barking at eachother because the others could care less, but these two are always competing. If you set 2 weight pull tracks up by one another I'd bet you'd see to extremely fast pulling dogs trying to get to the end before the other. They are almost like to human siblings competing. Its like they are saying I can it better then you. I can bark louder. I can jump higher, ect.
  18. Sorry but its not cruel, cruel would be to not keep them confined to they get in trouble. I'm what you call a responsible bulldog owner, probably not your average as the average bulldog owner these days seem to be irresponsible and uneducated, unfortunatly. I choose the lightest weight chain for the dog possible, because they dont need overly large chains, most people do that just for looks and its ridiculous including putting [b]huge[/b] chains on [b]puppies[/b] causing injuries to their neck and back, bad stuff. I have known several dogs, some pits some not, to snap chains, but usually its your hardware to break so you dont need a big chain just the proper hardware/tie out. For dogs who can pull 1000s of lbs and are very active you need to be very careful. Also you can choose different sizes/set ups for each individual dog once you know what your dogs strength and activity level is. Like my friend has a very light chain on one adult male who's very lazy and doesn't work the chain very much where she has a larger one on her big adult male who's also very active and has broke a couple chains, the actual chain when he was younger. So I use appropriate & proven hardware which I check everyday. I choose to be responsible for many reasons. *This breed is under "fire" all owners need to be responsible. Even if your dogs does nothing wrong running loose some one can claim otherwise and get your dog killed just because of its breed. *There are laws that say you have to have your dog on a lead or confined to your property by some means of restraint. Out of city limits your dog is still supposed to be kept on your property. This protects you dogs from others and others from your dogs. *Prevent yard accidents as best possible. I would hate to lose a beloved dog due to my neglegence or ignorance. Proper chain set up ensures all of this, there should be no need to define the merits of using an axle as a tie out as they should be self evident. I don't use or recommend spike collars as they were mentioned. They are just unnecessary. Firstly they are not allowed when showing a dog because they promote a "bad dog" image and make it more difficult to seperate 2 fighting dogs or quickly prevent an accident if you're grabbing a color full of spikes. I don't advocate the use of them, I see no reason for them and the above reason with accidents on the yard. I know some one who actually preffered them and sad. They wanted their dog to always wear a spike color, incase they ever got in a fight or attacked by another dog. How smart is that? They wanted the collar to protect its throat. How many dogs go for others throat? Not very many. And why on earth would you want to deal with a spike collar when trying to seperate dogs? I don't think you should judge people you don't know or know about. Especially for reasons such as this. Make people feel unwelcomed for doing the best for their dogs. I didn't come here to have my ownership/character judged, esp. not for being a responsible bully owner. I came here to discuss dog related topics and came to this thread specifically to [b]help[/b] and answer ?s. Offer the best tie out option possible (axle), the big dog tie outs usually dont hold up too long same as the other tie outs you find. Axles in my experience and the proven years of others are the best and really work as the OP asked. If it can hold a bulldog I figure it can hold anything. Its up to the OP if they choose to use one or go a different route. I don't need to argue or defend myself or what I choose to use, I have better and more important things to do with my time. Maybe I should stick to the Pit Bull forums, where my breed is understood, I'm welcomed and axles are common on the yard of breeders. But hey I was only trying to help and thought it'd be good for any breedm little did I know. To the OP good lucj with your dog whatever you choose. Never tie out neat debris or fences. I read the post about the Corgi and that dog was lucky, a neighbor of mine has a little dog hang herself it was very sad. Higher fencing may help too, but I had a bitch that could so easily clear 6 feet kennel runs so depending on your dog it may or may not help, you could do 6ft and then add ht.
  19. Anyone else have one of these. My house Pit thinks she needs to sleep right by me or even on me, despite having a whole entire bed to sleep on! When my other house dog was still alive she had her own doggie bed (my current one did too), anyway they would sleep on one bed together and my Pit would sleep on top the other dog or curled up really close by her. She has nearly pushed me out of the bed before, or layed right in front of my face on my pillow as well as laying on my back the rare occasion I sleep on my stomach (which is really painful when you wake up). I love her but she's one big, bed hog.
  20. [quote]Truepits... I think you found the wrong crowd... Keep looking.[/quote] What do you mean?
  21. True_Pits

    Funny Story

    This is a little funny. I was talking to a friend who has a female I used to own. Anyway she would always, always try to get the other dogs started and had to be barking and trying to start something with her loud mouth. She is a high pitched barke to make matters worse, when I pull up to his place I can always here her barking somewhere out there. She even got ahold of one of his dogs after being given to him. He was talking about showing her the beginning of next year, then he says she's calmed down though. I was like what?. He said yeah, well the other day when we had a big thunderstorm a branch broke over her house and got tangled up in her chain. It released her chain and she ran past all the other dogs and straight in the house to me. I couldn't help but laugh, thinking about the loud mouth, wild dog so scared that she ran past the other dogs. She was really shook up from the "attack of the tree branch". He did follow up saying she does still try to argue with the others and is back to herself, but for the moment she was so terrified she could think of nothing but getting to him. And really in the show ring she's not much of a trouble starter, its just on the yard when she wants to bark her head off real loud and high pitch.
  22. oh..lol guess I need to pay attention to dates. I'm still new here, but its a great site. Too bad then, I wanted to see pics of a cute pup. I've never seen a Pit Bull that weighed 100+, but I do own a not tiny 35lbs female, but I did meet a tiny, Pit Bull. She was so itty bitty, I thought she was a pup at first. Until I got close enough to see she was the size of a pup close to 20lbs, but you could tell she was mature. I think she took Most Weight Pull Per Body Lbs I think it was her first show too!, they said she was getting ahead of her dad (I think was 30 or so lbs) though who was in the ACE class and think may have took Most Weight Pulled. Who knows they had several trohpies, but I was kind of upset with myself for not getting a pic, this dog was tiny, maybe we'll meet up at another show and I'll get a pic then, you could just pick up up and carry her around or stick her in your purse like a Yorkie. It ends up the owner makes harnesses and was the one who made one for the breeder of my 35lbs female, for her dam actually. Ok enough rambling if I get the pic I'll be sure to share it.
  23. Thats very true of a lot of people breeding for this reason and the truth of it is that dog don't often produce an offspring just like them. They pass on other genes and half from the other parent and may not have the same personality or other things you like about them.
  24. That may be kind of hard, because both breeds are Pit Bulls. Maybe there is a "loop hole".
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