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  1. She might be a ridgeback or ridgeback cross. Looks in the avatar like maybe a shepherd mix. Hard to see. I have seen a GSD x Pit that looked like her.
  2. True_Pits

    weight pulling

    I do a little pulling it is fun for the dogs and a great work out. My line is both conformation & weight pull so I have fun doing both, they are American Pit Bull Terriers. That is what I love about the breed and this line specifincally all around great dogs, one is a record holder pulling 5,123lbs & 128xs body weight at the weight of 40lbs. There are many other greats. What breed of dog do you pull with?
  3. I show American Pit Bull Terriers in the USA. They need 100 points to become a Champion. As puppies they recieve less points then the adults, these classes are seperated by gender and run in the ages of 4-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months. There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each class, the points are 5 for 1st place, 3 for 2nd place and 2 for 3rd place. After the puppies classes have finished the 6 first place winners compete for Best Puppy which is worth 10 points. The adults are also broken into age groups and seperated by gender, they are 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2-3 years, 3-5 years and 5 and Over. The points are more for adults 1st is 10 points, 2nd is 5 points and 3rd is 3 points. All of the 1st place adults (10 of them) and Best Puppy compete for Best Of Show and Best Of Opposite which are worth 15 points and 10 points. Once they become a Champion they must compete against other CHs in the CH of CH class which is not seperated by age or gender. In this class the points are CH of CH Cup 15 points, 2nd place 10 points & 3rd place 5 points. They need 200 points for GR CH, 300 points for GR CH I, ect. National Wins (which is once every year at the end of the year) is more points then regular shows, it is points and a half. For weight pull its very similar. The dogs are seperated by gender and weight class. There is 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each class and they are awarded the points of 8, 5 & 3. Then there is Most Weight Pulled Per Body Pound which is an overall award worth 10 points. After the dogs reaches 100 points it is an ACE (which is a weight pull champion) and must compete against other ACE dogs in the ACE of ACE class like conformation the points in this class are worth more 10, 7 & 4 points and Most Weight Pulled Per Body Pound is 15 points. 200 will make the dog an ACE of ACE, 300 ACE of ACE I, ect.
  4. You should call and talk to your local vets, some vets don't crop at all so you need to make sure you find one who does. I'd be more worried about cropping the dogs ears at 8 weeks because they are so young. But most vets will do it that young, some have age limits like 12 or 14 weeks and others will do it older then that but will charge you more. You also want to get references because some vets really screw up ear jobs bad, they are deformed, the wrong length or have had problems with the sugery and the healing afterward.
  5. [quote name='Seijun']Chaining is not a good way to contain a dog, it is dangerous for both the dog and the people around it.[/quote] I think everyone has given good advance, including Seijun, but I have a question not to bug or change the topic.....but I understand how chaing can be dangerous (if you don't have the proper chain set up) but how are my dogs dangerous to me (or anyone else) if they are on a chain or not? I've also thought my dogs safe because they were tied and couldn't start trouble so I believed they were safe from harm and them from harming other peoples dogs or wild animals.
  6. Here is a good one [url]http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/findpit.html[/url] I see what you mean about the AST thing, on that 2nd test it says #11 is a the pit bull? Looks like an AST to me.
  7. [quote name='AllAmericanPUP']the biggest flaw i have found in all of these find the pit bull games is that they have a "pit bull" and they also have an Am Staff wich are essentially the same breed..and on all of the games i have seen(except one) the "pit bull" is essentially Am Staff looking. i have yet to see a find the pit bull game with a true APBT..except one..but he's a puppy in the picture so people essentially say he is mixed :roll:[/quote] I find that there are some flaws, like they don't always seem to use good quality pics or ones that show a dog to standard of any of the breeds, some do but most of the pics aren't that great. I don't consider an AST and a APBT to the same breed, maybe technically but they look different so you can tell them apart or you could say which number is an AST and which is an APBT. If they are showing an APBT that looks like an AST then that is a problem and more confusing for people. I saw one which used an APBT that looked like a real APBT, maybe I can find it again, it wasn't a puppy either and it was a really good find the pit game. I dont even think they had AST on there, maybe but I dont remeber.
  8. Guess thats some dog show human!
  9. Congrats on your litter. My girl had 7 as well. I love Belgians, the Belgian Malinois is my favorite variety! Love em, but the others are nice too.
  10. I would have done the exact same thing, you did the right thing. You have to stick up for your kids (human or dog). They say with breeds steriotyped vicious (likes pits/rotts) you need to be calm and be good breed PR, because not just the dogs are steriotyped but the owners are too, people think owners of these breeds are uneducated, trash, ect. But there comes a point when you have to get mad, when they push you to your limits and you have to lay into them, otherwise some people you can't get through to them unless you give them a taste of their own. I can't believe this women behaved in such an immature way, not only to your dog but to your son as well, WTH is wrong with the crazy woman did she forget her meds today or something?
  11. Wow that is really crazy, I don't understand why people like that even have a dog. If they have no time for it and don't want it. Whats the point. They want you to have it for 15 hours a day and then take it home and put it in the crate without attention or any interaction with the family. I don't understand, they should give her to someone who wants her or put her up for adoption. Thats really sad.
  12. [quote name='Matty']I don't want people to attack me like I have seen others attacked for trying to discuss this very same topic. So, if your purebred sensitive, don't read this post :lol: [url]http://www.canine-genetics.com/Price.htm[/url] [url]http://www.canine-genetics.com/Price.htm[/url] [url]http://www.angelfire.com/biz4/MastiffBreeder/cul-de-sac.html[/url] These sites really made me stop and think about the harm purebred breeding is doing to our dogs. :o To think that they are pulling the wool over our eyes by saying they are checking for genetic diseases in purebreds and they are creating the diseases in the first place :o talk about people pulling the wool over our eyes. I was surprised after reading this that a person who breeds those doodle breeds and other crosses is really doing dogs a favor. I feel like Im on that band wagon where other people look at disdain at :lol: it kinda makes me think about how people who first started talking about raw diets and BARF where made to feel like idiots by the so called experts. I also want to note that I am not looking for an argument. I just wanted people to read these and make up their own minds and really read what is going on. Next time I hear a breeder saying they are bettering a breed, I will roll my eyes cause now I know better.[/quote] I think that is the silliest thing I've ever heard. I'm not sensitive in the least, but think this is a joke. I have dogs that are from linebreeding and inbreeding and the gene pool for some lines are not very diverse thats why you outcross when needed. There is no reason to think purebreds are walking plagues, from researching my dogs pedigrees I can see the breeding for decades and decades, I can actually trace over a century back but they are sick and riddled with some genetic disorders. If that were so then many more tested dogs would come up positive after all the gene pool being less diverse. Linebreeding, inbreeding or breeding purebred dogs doesn't CREATE genetic diseases. I think someone has pulled the wool over your eyes. The only way for the dogs to have a genetic disease would be just that genes, it doesn't matter if they are any unrelated dog of some mixed up breed to another, if they are carriers of a disease they will pass it on. If you isolate those genes you will get a bad line since you didn't cull it out. You can spread this through a purebred and make a breed more prone to having this disease however its not anything that wouldn't come up in mixed breed dogs. I don't see how breeding poo poo mixes is doing a favor to dogs? Breedings mutts for $1500 to make a quick buck isn't doing a favor to the dogs. Breeding numorous dogs that will end up in shelters isn't any kind of favor. Breeding dogs with genetic problems and illness isn't doing them a favor. Having dogs with temperament and structure problems I don't see that as a favor for the dogs. Talk about NOT knowing better, I'm not attacking here but its plain to see if you something about breeding I'd think you'd understand that breeding genetically sound dogs as best as possible is bettering the breed is right VS breeding to mutts together because you think they will be cute, think you can make money, think they will be healthier which isn't bettering anything. Actually the way I see it breeding a healthy, hearty, stable and all around sound pure family is some of the best breeding you will get, anything bad is eliminated and with the limited gene pool of positve traits and negatives weeded out you won't have anything allowed in, only once in a while would a cull pop much less likely then scatterbreeding or breeding two different breeds together who could either both be carries of a disease or CREATE a defect by the offspring. Hybrid Vigor, its true its just a myth, something created without education behind it, like many other beliefs of the past as well its still used today by those who want to peddle mixed breed dogs. Matter of fact the dogs I've had the worse problems with or known personally to have temperament and health defects have been mixes and crosses more so then purebreds. The only purebred I had a problem with was a byb Boxer the rest were not purebreds and had genetic disorders and some bad temperament problems. So I will never believe that hog wash, me seeing a dog with a bad underbite, cherry eyes and heart murmer are enough to know that cross breeding doesn't eliminate health disorders. Its good for people to make up their own minds and have educated opinions but basing them on MORE RESEARCH and genetic facts out there would be great.
  13. Well heck, I guess I should have just said look at my sig and [b]honestly[/b] try and say if they look like ASTs. Of course if anyone says they do, I think they are blind or crazy.
  14. [quote]Ok I cant help myself I just have to say that.... The show APBT can look more like an AmStaff, especially if it doesnt work at all. The two lines DO look different... I dont get how you can say they dont. They CAN look the same but they dont always.[/quote] They usually are a good rep of the working type, not ALL are going to look the same and they CAN look different, but NONE of my dogs resemble AmStaffs in anyway and I take it as an insult (sorry any AST lovers/owners) for you to say they do. Yes some people have tried to compete with AST looking pitties and thank god they don't go. I can say some of my dogs don't work at all, no hunting, weight pulling, ect but they don't look like an AST just because they don't work. Its about the breeding and keeping to the standard. I compete frequently in the show ring, I don't usually come across any AST looking dogs, every once in awhile their are worthy dogs who happen to have AST in them (like Villines), but they look and pretty much act like APBTs. [img]http://members.fortunecity.com/tbulldogs/0935bde0.jpg[/img] [img]http://members.fortunecity.com/tbulldogs/0b529d70.jpg[/img] [img]http://members.fortunecity.com/tbulldogs/088d93b0.jpg[/img] [img]http://members.fortunecity.com/tbulldogs/08f74160.jpg[/img] This doesn't look anything like this. [img]http://www.american-staffordshire-terrier-dogs.com/pictures-images-photos/american-staffordshire-terriers-03.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.dogs-and-puppies.com/American_Staffordshire_Terriers.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/dogbreeds/photos/americanstaffordshireterriers.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.gotdogsonline.com/american-staffordshire-terrier-pictures-breeders-puppies-rescue/pictures/american-staffordshire-terrier-0007.jpg[/img] Glad my show dog doesn't look nothing like this [img]http://actiinfochiens.free.fr/PHOTO%2520AMERICAN%2520STAFFORDSHIRE%2520TERRIER.JPG[/img] Not that the dog isn't very beautiful, just no comparison really. [img]http://a8.cpimg.com/image/8A/D2/38773898-c6b8-01C6018D-.jpg[/img] [quote]Especially when you look at some older pics of pitties....the game bred dogs look nothing like a show bred APBT or Amstaff. JMO. [/quote] Well I did compare a picture of my dog (Santana) to an old picture of a dog I think was Colby breeding on this board once and their look/build was almost identical. The gamebred dogs are what the standard is based off of and my dog Val's grandsire is a show GR CH I and a pit CH gamebred, game and game producer. Her Dad was never matched (but proven) and he is also a good placer in the show ring. The other owner just waited to long to match him and really show him, although he could still be CH out pretty quickly guess its just not that important. I do have some old photos and some of my dog. [img]http://a5.cpimg.com/image/93/80/44310675-5b95-01930200-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a8.cpimg.com/image/D2/82/44310738-ad7f-01730171-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a1.cpimg.com/image/D5/82/44310741-79bf-01240113-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a6.cpimg.com/image/A8/81/44310696-659b-02000173-.jpg[/img] Well thats just my take on it and another reason why I love my breed, no water down varience show version hog wash. Just the portrait of a true bulldog a working titled dog can get a show title and thats how it should be. I don't understand why breeds have show standards that the working dog wouldn't be able to win and a show dog that couldn't function as a working dog.
  15. That is really sick! These are the type of people who don't need to ever own Pit Bulls, probably dogs period if they are that stupid and cruel. You don't just throw two dogs together to mate of any breed, let alone Pit Bulls that should NEVER be left unattended with eachother. I could understand maybe if the dog had attacked a child or something, you do whatever it takes to protect your kids without thinking, but a breeding is something (that should be) planned out, controlled, ect. Things are controlled and fights are easily preventable. [quote]An attempt was made to break up the fighting without success -- then Walsh picked up an axe. When questioned, Walsh said there was no other way to part the dogs.[/quote] Right "no other way", I just don't believe that in anyway. A breaking stick certainly would have got them apart and I can only image what other unsuccesful ways he tried. There is never any excuse for this sort of thing. [quote]John Green, for Walsh, said the male would have killed the female. He also said Walsh hit the female with the axe to try to put her out of her misery, as the animal was obviously dying.[/quote] Yeah right, because of his ignorant and neglect two dogs lost their lives! The male would have killed her? He did a good job of killing both. He definalty deserves jail time and a lesson in dog behavior, ownership and responsibility or something!
  16. I always thought of Huskies as being Spitz like. I will send some pictures ASAP. I have so many I better start looking at which ones I'd like to send lol [quote]you know it would be nice if for once they had a breed database for both the conformation and performance types of every breed instead of just show[/quote] Oh yeah I think that'd be a great idea too! In most breeds their is a varience between the show version and the working version. In my breed (APBT) the two are one in the same, which is kind of cool. The standard is based on woking dogs, and the show dog should basically look like a working dog (whether it is actually a working dog or not).
  17. [quote]Treu Pits I think in this day and age with the shelter situations as they are...dare I say especially with Pits...then anyone who expresses even an interest in breeding is going to be subjected to some questioning,lots of advice,many many voices of dissuasion and even some really negative comments as you yourself experienced...I think the Spay and Neuter message needs more and more advocates and am not afraid to add my voice to the campaign against breeding...I will not sit back whilst irresponsible breeders tout for homes for pups already born that simply neednt be...and 12 of them no less...its downright wrong![/quote] I totally understand, especially since I've been here awhile now. With me I never said I was a breeder, was thinking about breeding, ect. All I did was post pictures of a couple of my females and I got someone saying That females looks like she's had a couple litters, and breeder this, and flack over a collar and people were really mad over silly stuff. Stuff they wanted to see I felt, that didn't exist. I guess thats water under the bridge, when I posted about the breeders thing I wasn't really thinking about that stuff, just the fact that it said WE are against breeding. Who is "we", the admin(s), the board I'm part of the board as are other people, it was weird one speaking for all in that sort of statement. It was like a "cult expression". "You see nothing wrong with it!" "We are against breeding" Its kind of funny too. I wasn't really being serious my statement about myself, it was kind of meant in fun. You have to reminds us we're against breeding. But I did understand the questions but at the time I was a little fustrated and on the defense. I'm against irresponsible breeding, I've probably expressed that before and I don't have a way of knowing about this breeder (nor do I care to), but I agree there should be no advertising on the board of any kind. There are probably 100s of boards/forums with free "for sale" ads. Why try to peddle pups at every corner? [quote]Personally I get very annoyed when I hear ignorant comments like "Ohh you are just doing it for the money." blah blah etc. A lot of people have absolutely no idea what we do, and how much time, money and love we put into our dogs. [/quote] ME TOO! I get even more annoyed when people assume and act like you make money in a positve way. Exp "Breeding dogs must be really good money". People who say that have no idea how much it cost to breed dog (correctly that is), it cost a lot just to have them as pets, breeding them is so much more. I hope this post made sense, I'm way beyond tired and my eyes hurt.
  18. Yeah we got fooled, I'm sorry. I assumed that about the collars because thats the only kind I've ever seen. Never seen any that were just for looks, I'd rather more people by them because some people at the shows buy the weighted collars just because of the way it looks and their dogs have to wear them just to look "cool". They are mine except for the red nose boy in the bottom left corner, don't have him anymore. It depends on what the chain is made out of on how heavy it will be. I don't use the big heavy chains because I don't have my dogs chaine up to look "cool", "vicious" or like junkyard dogs, some people do that. Its true that the weight of a chain being drug around is different then weight on a collar which strains the dog more and puts pressure on the dogs neck, but chains that are too heavy worn for extended amounts of time can still be harmful IMO. Its not necassary to put them big heavy chains on the dog so you know its just for "looks" again, I use what I need to because I have to not something that says "look at my big bad killer dog".
  19. [quote]Since you posted that picture a while back, I thought the dog belonged to you. I apologize if I was mistaken. You did make this comment in regards to that setup though: True_Pits wrote: However I'v never been able to find a safer source then this type of set up and its what most long time breeders have used for decades thats always been a no fail way. The only reason I asked that question was because I was confused. I knew you favored chains for tie-outs and I was surprised you were concerened about the weight of that collar. I really wanted to know how heavy the chain is.[/quote] Okay sorry I should apologize too. She belongs to a guy who lives about 20 minutes from here. The chain is heavier/thicker then what I use, but its lighter then what it looks if that makes any sense. I know because I kicked it. My biggest thing with that chain is that it could be a little longer. I don't retract my statement, however it has nothing to do with the chain or its size. The axel is the key, I remeber the post was about a tie-out STAKE, you can put an ultra light cable on it if you want, the point was that axels won't pull out of the ground. Beginning of next year I might have that female, I hope to have her. She has a lot of potenial and she is just sitting their being wasted day after day and not living the life I'd like her to see. Again I'm sorry too.
  20. [quote]How about the fact that we are against breeding[/quote] So you guys are against breeding and thats why I got picked on, even when I didn't say I was breeding but some one thought my female had a couple litters when she'd never been bred.
  21. Thank you for taking the time to email them. I'm so glad to know that this isn't a weight collar! Then I really have no problems with people wanting to use it. I don't like the idea of negative steriotypes but I'm not going to attack people who want this type of collar or a spiked collar, I'm only concerned about those who use the heavy weighted collars. I don't think the seller would lie about the weight, your going to have to pay for shipping. [quote]This dog belongs to True_Pits. I'm just curious because it looks at least as heavy as that collar.[/quote] Say what? A no that dog doesn't belong to me, I'm not sure how much the chain weights. It has bigger links then the ones I use but sometimes looks can be deceiving because I don't think its all that heavy as it might appear. Being made from a lighter material, but I couldn't tell you. But get your facts straight please before you make statements about me.
  22. [quote]I honestly don't think it looks that heavy. I doubt that it has much more weight to it than would a choke chain. Besides, some dogs do better on a large, thick collar because it is harder to slip loose from. My dog has a 2" wide, .5" thick collar and she doesn't care a bit. She'd be gone now if I had tried using a thin lightweight collar on her.[/quote] Well then you honestly don't think, these collar way much more then choke chains. Thats why they are weighted. They generally way between 5-10lbs. The whole purpose is for them to be heavy. If you want to see for yourself next time their is a show near you, you can go check it out, meet new people, learn about Pit Bulls, just hang out, then stop by the leather stand with the weighted collar and harness and pick one up for yourself and see. You might find something you like too as they have tons of nice leather collar without heavy chains wrapped around them. Then you can know what your talking about. So it doesn't matter what you think or what it looks like, it only matters that they are heavy and don't really work, but I'm sure they make good money selling them. Some dogs do need thick collars, look who you're talking to here. But not 5-10lbs collars. I use 2" 4-5ply collars on my dog, made by breeders who know the need and they are very durable so my dogs don't get loose and cause havoc. Something has come to my attention though there have been a few people who said that
  23. I hate celebrities! They are always buying from pet stores, paying outrageous prices. This really upsets me, when there are a lot of good dogs in shelters and if they have the money and want a purebred with papers and all the status they could go to a really good breeder. :evil:
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