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  1. True_Pits

    Is this Rhodesian Ridgeback?

    She might be a ridgeback or ridgeback cross. Looks in the avatar like maybe a shepherd mix. Hard to see. I have seen a GSD x Pit that looked like her.
  2. True_Pits

    when to crop a dogs ear?

    You should call and talk to your local vets, some vets don't crop at all so you need to make sure you find one who does. I'd be more worried about cropping the dogs ears at 8 weeks because they are so young. But most vets will do it that young, some have age limits like 12 or 14 weeks and others will do it older then that but will charge you more. You also want to get references because some vets really screw up ear jobs bad, they are deformed, the wrong length or have had problems with the sugery and the healing afterward.
  3. True_Pits

    Pit Bull People

    handwalking is always good, also use flirtpole, springpole, treadmill, ginny, I also have a 4 foot pool but not a swimtank, would like to get one soon they work great but for now only the couple who love water swim.
  4. True_Pits

    "Find the pitbull" websites

    [quote name='AllAmericanPUP']the biggest flaw i have found in all of these find the pit bull games is that they have a "pit bull" and they also have an Am Staff wich are essentially the same breed..and on all of the games i have seen(except one) the "pit bull" is essentially Am Staff looking. i have yet to see a find the pit bull game with a true APBT..except one..but he's a puppy in the picture so people essentially say he is mixed :roll:[/quote] I find that there are some flaws, like they don't always seem to use good quality pics or ones that show a dog to standard of any of the breeds, some do but most of the pics aren't that great. I don't consider an AST and a APBT to the same breed, maybe technically but they look different so you can tell them apart or you could say which number is an AST and which is an APBT. If they are showing an APBT that looks like an AST then that is a problem and more confusing for people. I saw one which used an APBT that looked like a real APBT, maybe I can find it again, it wasn't a puppy either and it was a really good find the pit game. I dont even think they had AST on there, maybe but I dont remeber.
  5. I would have done the exact same thing, you did the right thing. You have to stick up for your kids (human or dog). They say with breeds steriotyped vicious (likes pits/rotts) you need to be calm and be good breed PR, because not just the dogs are steriotyped but the owners are too, people think owners of these breeds are uneducated, trash, ect. But there comes a point when you have to get mad, when they push you to your limits and you have to lay into them, otherwise some people you can't get through to them unless you give them a taste of their own. I can't believe this women behaved in such an immature way, not only to your dog but to your son as well, WTH is wrong with the crazy woman did she forget her meds today or something?
  6. True_Pits

    Help Needed..Dog Breed database

    I always thought of Huskies as being Spitz like. I will send some pictures ASAP. I have so many I better start looking at which ones I'd like to send lol [quote]you know it would be nice if for once they had a breed database for both the conformation and performance types of every breed instead of just show[/quote] Oh yeah I think that'd be a great idea too! In most breeds their is a varience between the show version and the working version. In my breed (APBT) the two are one in the same, which is kind of cool. The standard is based on woking dogs, and the show dog should basically look like a working dog (whether it is actually a working dog or not).
  7. True_Pits

    Who would put this on their dog?

    Yeah we got fooled, I'm sorry. I assumed that about the collars because thats the only kind I've ever seen. Never seen any that were just for looks, I'd rather more people by them because some people at the shows buy the weighted collars just because of the way it looks and their dogs have to wear them just to look "cool". They are mine except for the red nose boy in the bottom left corner, don't have him anymore. It depends on what the chain is made out of on how heavy it will be. I don't use the big heavy chains because I don't have my dogs chaine up to look "cool", "vicious" or like junkyard dogs, some people do that. Its true that the weight of a chain being drug around is different then weight on a collar which strains the dog more and puts pressure on the dogs neck, but chains that are too heavy worn for extended amounts of time can still be harmful IMO. Its not necassary to put them big heavy chains on the dog so you know its just for "looks" again, I use what I need to because I have to not something that says "look at my big bad killer dog".
  8. True_Pits

    Who would put this on their dog?

    [quote]Since you posted that picture a while back, I thought the dog belonged to you. I apologize if I was mistaken. You did make this comment in regards to that setup though: True_Pits wrote: However I'v never been able to find a safer source then this type of set up and its what most long time breeders have used for decades thats always been a no fail way. The only reason I asked that question was because I was confused. I knew you favored chains for tie-outs and I was surprised you were concerened about the weight of that collar. I really wanted to know how heavy the chain is.[/quote] Okay sorry I should apologize too. She belongs to a guy who lives about 20 minutes from here. The chain is heavier/thicker then what I use, but its lighter then what it looks if that makes any sense. I know because I kicked it. My biggest thing with that chain is that it could be a little longer. I don't retract my statement, however it has nothing to do with the chain or its size. The axel is the key, I remeber the post was about a tie-out STAKE, you can put an ultra light cable on it if you want, the point was that axels won't pull out of the ground. Beginning of next year I might have that female, I hope to have her. She has a lot of potenial and she is just sitting their being wasted day after day and not living the life I'd like her to see. Again I'm sorry too.
  9. True_Pits

    Belgian Malinois Pups!!!

    [quote]How about the fact that we are against breeding[/quote] So you guys are against breeding and thats why I got picked on, even when I didn't say I was breeding but some one thought my female had a couple litters when she'd never been bred.
  10. True_Pits

    Who would put this on their dog?

    Thank you for taking the time to email them. I'm so glad to know that this isn't a weight collar! Then I really have no problems with people wanting to use it. I don't like the idea of negative steriotypes but I'm not going to attack people who want this type of collar or a spiked collar, I'm only concerned about those who use the heavy weighted collars. I don't think the seller would lie about the weight, your going to have to pay for shipping. [quote]This dog belongs to True_Pits. I'm just curious because it looks at least as heavy as that collar.[/quote] Say what? A no that dog doesn't belong to me, I'm not sure how much the chain weights. It has bigger links then the ones I use but sometimes looks can be deceiving because I don't think its all that heavy as it might appear. Being made from a lighter material, but I couldn't tell you. But get your facts straight please before you make statements about me.
  11. True_Pits

    Who would put this on their dog?

    [quote]I honestly don't think it looks that heavy. I doubt that it has much more weight to it than would a choke chain. Besides, some dogs do better on a large, thick collar because it is harder to slip loose from. My dog has a 2" wide, .5" thick collar and she doesn't care a bit. She'd be gone now if I had tried using a thin lightweight collar on her.[/quote] Well then you honestly don't think, these collar way much more then choke chains. Thats why they are weighted. They generally way between 5-10lbs. The whole purpose is for them to be heavy. If you want to see for yourself next time their is a show near you, you can go check it out, meet new people, learn about Pit Bulls, just hang out, then stop by the leather stand with the weighted collar and harness and pick one up for yourself and see. You might find something you like too as they have tons of nice leather collar without heavy chains wrapped around them. Then you can know what your talking about. So it doesn't matter what you think or what it looks like, it only matters that they are heavy and don't really work, but I'm sure they make good money selling them. Some dogs do need thick collars, look who you're talking to here. But not 5-10lbs collars. I use 2" 4-5ply collars on my dog, made by breeders who know the need and they are very durable so my dogs don't get loose and cause havoc. Something has come to my attention though there have been a few people who said that
  12. I hate celebrities! They are always buying from pet stores, paying outrageous prices. This really upsets me, when there are a lot of good dogs in shelters and if they have the money and want a purebred with papers and all the status they could go to a really good breeder. :evil:
  13. True_Pits


    [quote]They didnt call them pit bulls on the local news here. Just said "a pack of wild dogs". They did show a couple pictures of them though. Looked NOTHING like pit bulls or even pit bull crosses. It is too bad about the gazelles. Didnt that happen in kansas city?[/quote] Yeah I know they didn't say anything about Pit Bulls here, this person only saw a 5 second clip previws and just assumed they were Pit Bulls. They said a pack of 4 wild dogs and 2 were shot dead. KC Zoo is correct they said something about taking away the zoo's license if that tells you anything about the zoo. A Giraffe there was accidently electricuted they also said. [quote]did you call up your friend and tell them to watch the news again because they were nothing even close to pit bulls?[/quote] Yeah I did and they said. Oh, I thought they said Pit Bulls. (During the preview clip).
  14. True_Pits

    Any merit to "dangerous breeds"?

    Yes its possible. Filas are bred to be very protective and aggressive, but there are also some breeders breeding more docile less aggressive Filas. But its possible to create a "human aggressive" breed, just like having aggressive lines is possible. But thats throw bad breeding, of course its still hereditary and has nothing to do with how the dog was raised/trained. You can breed a dog for just about any function, including aggression, dangerous and unpredictable. If people don't believe that they need to further research breeding and genetics.
  15. True_Pits

    Ok, what is wrong with this story??

    stupid parents! These people don't need any type of animal or a child. wolf? Doesn't look much like one to me, not that I'd know, either way its not what the dog is, its how responsible people are. The usual case of mistaken identity, like that Pit Bull bit me when its a totally different breed. Its also like those selling or giving away Pit Bull mixes they claim are purebred Pit Bulls. Well I had the same thing happen with wild animals, this lady tried to give me a "pure artic wolf" that was nothing but some mutt. Then another try to give/sell me two lynx that were regular domesticated house cats....lmao people are funny.