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  1. She might be a ridgeback or ridgeback cross. Looks in the avatar like maybe a shepherd mix. Hard to see. I have seen a GSD x Pit that looked like her.
  2. True_Pits

    weight pulling

    I do a little pulling it is fun for the dogs and a great work out. My line is both conformation & weight pull so I have fun doing both, they are American Pit Bull Terriers. That is what I love about the breed and this line specifincally all around great dogs, one is a record holder pulling 5,123lbs & 128xs body weight at the weight of 40lbs. There are many other greats. What breed of dog do you pull with?
  3. I show American Pit Bull Terriers in the USA. They need 100 points to become a Champion. As puppies they recieve less points then the adults, these classes are seperated by gender and run in the ages of 4-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months. There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each class, the points are 5 for 1st place, 3 for 2nd place and 2 for 3rd place. After the puppies classes have finished the 6 first place winners compete for Best Puppy which is worth 10 points. The adults are also broken into age groups and seperated by gender, they are 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2-3 years,
  4. You should call and talk to your local vets, some vets don't crop at all so you need to make sure you find one who does. I'd be more worried about cropping the dogs ears at 8 weeks because they are so young. But most vets will do it that young, some have age limits like 12 or 14 weeks and others will do it older then that but will charge you more. You also want to get references because some vets really screw up ear jobs bad, they are deformed, the wrong length or have had problems with the sugery and the healing afterward.
  5. handwalking is always good, also use flirtpole, springpole, treadmill, ginny, I also have a 4 foot pool but not a swimtank, would like to get one soon they work great but for now only the couple who love water swim.
  6. [quote name='Seijun']Chaining is not a good way to contain a dog, it is dangerous for both the dog and the people around it.[/quote] I think everyone has given good advance, including Seijun, but I have a question not to bug or change the topic.....but I understand how chaing can be dangerous (if you don't have the proper chain set up) but how are my dogs dangerous to me (or anyone else) if they are on a chain or not? I've also thought my dogs safe because they were tied and couldn't start trouble so I believed they were safe from harm and them from harming other peoples dogs or wild anim
  7. Here is a good one [url]http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/findpit.html[/url] I see what you mean about the AST thing, on that 2nd test it says #11 is a the pit bull? Looks like an AST to me.
  8. [quote name='AllAmericanPUP']the biggest flaw i have found in all of these find the pit bull games is that they have a "pit bull" and they also have an Am Staff wich are essentially the same breed..and on all of the games i have seen(except one) the "pit bull" is essentially Am Staff looking. i have yet to see a find the pit bull game with a true APBT..except one..but he's a puppy in the picture so people essentially say he is mixed :roll:[/quote] I find that there are some flaws, like they don't always seem to use good quality pics or ones that show a dog to standard of any of the b
  9. Guess thats some dog show human!
  10. Congrats on your litter. My girl had 7 as well. I love Belgians, the Belgian Malinois is my favorite variety! Love em, but the others are nice too.
  11. I would have done the exact same thing, you did the right thing. You have to stick up for your kids (human or dog). They say with breeds steriotyped vicious (likes pits/rotts) you need to be calm and be good breed PR, because not just the dogs are steriotyped but the owners are too, people think owners of these breeds are uneducated, trash, ect. But there comes a point when you have to get mad, when they push you to your limits and you have to lay into them, otherwise some people you can't get through to them unless you give them a taste of their own. I can't believe this women behaved in such
  12. Wow that is really crazy, I don't understand why people like that even have a dog. If they have no time for it and don't want it. Whats the point. They want you to have it for 15 hours a day and then take it home and put it in the crate without attention or any interaction with the family. I don't understand, they should give her to someone who wants her or put her up for adoption. Thats really sad.
  13. [quote name='Matty']I don't want people to attack me like I have seen others attacked for trying to discuss this very same topic. So, if your purebred sensitive, don't read this post :lol: [url]http://www.canine-genetics.com/Price.htm[/url] [url]http://www.canine-genetics.com/Price.htm[/url] [url]http://www.angelfire.com/biz4/MastiffBreeder/cul-de-sac.html[/url] These sites really made me stop and think about the harm purebred breeding is doing to our dogs. :o To think that they are pulling the wool over our eyes by saying they are checking for genetic diseases in pureb
  14. Well heck, I guess I should have just said look at my sig and [b]honestly[/b] try and say if they look like ASTs. Of course if anyone says they do, I think they are blind or crazy.
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