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  1. [quote]True_Pits it's nice to see you here again.[/quote] Thanks Desertlady I've been so very busy, hardly any free time. I'm glad to be able and stop by a bit. [quote]Yeah I would put it on my dog. It might be ugly to some people but I don't think it is ugly, it's okay. I have never seen a collar like that before it's unique and not the same old nylon collar you see on every dog. It's not something you would want to keep on your dog all the time only when you take your dog out but you shouldn't keep collars on all the time anyways.[/quote] I don't think its ugly, looks wise its probably pretty appealing to some. However we shouldn't compromise welfare for looks. Its not at all unique as they sell scores at the dog shows, ghetto fighters put them on their dogs because they think it strengthens their dogs neck/makes them better/stonger when it just weaken them, people who want to boost their egos use them and add the chain leash, and some newbies use them and the weighted harness because they ignorantly believe they help condition the dog when they damage the dog. I cringe everytime I see someone put one on their dog. [quote]I would have to see the collar in person but it doesn
  2. Smooshie your dogs are so cute! Off topic, but I had to comment.
  3. It is sad that more people then you think can't wait to get one and slap it on their poor dog. They think it looks cool and stregthens their dog, when all it does is damage and weaken the dog. People believe that just because Pit Bulls do weightpull their necks aren't vulnerable to strain. Imagine 5-10lbs around your neck all day. People do need to be slapped back to reality.
  4. [url]http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=20746&item=4339420367&rd=1[/url] This is the 1st thing that popped up when I clicked on a link to "pit bull dog" stuff on ebay.
  5. [quote]They didnt call them pit bulls on the local news here. Just said "a pack of wild dogs". They did show a couple pictures of them though. Looked NOTHING like pit bulls or even pit bull crosses. It is too bad about the gazelles. Didnt that happen in kansas city?[/quote] Yeah I know they didn't say anything about Pit Bulls here, this person only saw a 5 second clip previws and just assumed they were Pit Bulls. They said a pack of 4 wild dogs and 2 were shot dead. KC Zoo is correct they said something about taking away the zoo's license if that tells you anything about the zoo. A Giraffe there was accidently electricuted they also said. [quote]did you call up your friend and tell them to watch the news again because they were nothing even close to pit bulls?[/quote] Yeah I did and they said. Oh, I thought they said Pit Bulls. (During the preview clip).
  6. I know I might be a little late on this, I read most the post. I really like this said by you desertlady. [quote]I did want to reiterate to this poster that I do not feel you are an irresponsible dog owner in the least. Nor did you "kill" a shelter dog because you bought your pup.[/quote] You didn't cause the death of a shelter dog, in fact you might have SAVED that dog from the shelter/death or possibly a terribly abusive. I mean the dogs were already here and bred, if you didn't take one what would have happened to it. Lots of the dogs from these peoples litters end up in shelters, dumped off, go from home to home, might be abused, neglect, ect. I don't think you are an irresponsible dog owner (maybe not an informed buyer) its about ownership and not where you got the dog. I would never suggest to buy from a byb because it continues the cycle and its better to get from responsible breeders. If you are then check shelters and rescues. However you do have to factor in where the byb pets would end up. So I have no problems with people who buy from them, and I've had byb dogs before from the "breeders" rescues, shelter dogs, ect.
  7. That would make a great halloween picture!
  8. The media has really been successful in brainwashing people into thinking every attack must be by a Pit Bull. Lastnite a family member told me to watch the news, I just had to. Because A Pit Bull killed a dozen endangered animals at a zoo. Okay so I flip to the news and A [b]pack[/b] (four) of [b]wild[/b] dogs killed [b]half[/b] a dozen endangered Gazelles. Now where did they get Pit Bull killing 12 animals out of that? I don't know. They just saw a short "preview clip" and assumed it must have been a Pit Bull. Just a pack of 4 wild mutts 2 of which were shot.
  9. Yes its possible. Filas are bred to be very protective and aggressive, but there are also some breeders breeding more docile less aggressive Filas. But its possible to create a "human aggressive" breed, just like having aggressive lines is possible. But thats throw bad breeding, of course its still hereditary and has nothing to do with how the dog was raised/trained. You can breed a dog for just about any function, including aggression, dangerous and unpredictable. If people don't believe that they need to further research breeding and genetics.
  10. [quote]I wonder what the percentage of Pit bulls are that were involved in attacks that were actually just misrepresented mutts/bully mixes... [/quote] It happens a lot but its hard to say. Some Pit Bulls do bite and even attack, just like any other dog, but many other breeds bite and are put down as Pit Bulls. Most people don't really know what they look like, some one thought my friends Cane Corso was a Pit Bull (and they own pits) another friend of mine who owns Pits and has been around them for along time thought this American Bulldog was a Pit Bull. If those dogs (breeds) bite most people would probably think the same and thats what the bite would be reported as. Then there is the media who needs a good story, like the one here when a boy was mauled by a black lab, they thought that wasn't interesting so they paid the guy at the shelter to let them film a Pit Bull in the pound and say "pit attack" for the news story.
  11. I think Dobie and possibly Rottie or Lab. Her profile where it says 1 year old looks like that of a Dobie, Dobies have hound ears when they are natural. Her body is kind of like a Rottie or other bigger built breed. Thats a common cross around here.
  12. stupid parents! These people don't need any type of animal or a child. wolf? Doesn't look much like one to me, not that I'd know, either way its not what the dog is, its how responsible people are. The usual case of mistaken identity, like that Pit Bull bit me when its a totally different breed. Its also like those selling or giving away Pit Bull mixes they claim are purebred Pit Bulls. Well I had the same thing happen with wild animals, this lady tried to give me a "pure artic wolf" that was nothing but some mutt. Then another try to give/sell me two lynx that were regular domesticated house cats....lmao people are funny.
  13. The AADR is a registery for the American Pit Bull Terrier that has conformation and weight pull events. AADR has a lot of the same judges the ADBA has and a similar standard. They are based in the southwest, they don't have as many shows/clubs as the ADBA and not as far spread.
  14. Did some one say more pics????/ [img]http://a0.cpimg.com/image/1E/7C/40953630-2e90-01C50125-.jpg[/img] Here is one of Muse sticking her nose out of her kennel [img]http://a5.cpimg.com/image/0F/7C/40953615-5599-013201BE-.jpg[/img] One I got of Val's neice [img]http://a0.cpimg.com/image/0A/7C/40953610-5ed3-012A0174-.jpg[/img] My friends new Panther/Ironlines female getting ready to go inside Thats it for now
  15. I wont be pulling with an organization, I don't do IWPA, but at the next show I go to. My dogs are ADBA/AADR registered so they will be ADBA pulls (the last show I went to didnt have weight pull only conformation) or AADR pulls the next show I'm going to will be an AADR show she'll be in 35lbs and under females class. She's 30lbs. I'm still looking at an ADBA show this weekend but I don't think I'm going, I'll send her with a friend for conformation. Good luck to you and Blitz in his weight pulling! I hope you share some pics??
  16. Thanks for looking and complimenting everyone :D I can't wait to put Santana in weight pulling, the last show had conformation only :( Actually some weightpullers showed up because they didn't realize there was no pull, so some went ahead and did conformation since they had driven for hours and were already there.
  17. Eli looks like an APBT to me, it seems that some people on here don't know what APBTs look like. But he looks like an APBT. Could he be mixed somewhere in his line? Yes, but couldn't any APBT, one that "looks pure". Looks doesn't mean much, dogs have been mixed and look pure and a pure dog can look mixed to some people I guess but a byb bred dog isn't going to look like a perfect example of the breed, it doesn't mean its mixed, it means it hasn't been bred to standard. So how can some one think he's mixed with Boxer? Doesn't look like one to me.
  18. [quote]I consider the APBT and Am Staff to be the same breed..but anywayz.[/quote] Really? They're two seperate and different breeds now, with some similarities and a lot of differences. In looks especially, somewhat temperament, breeding purpose, and health problems. As well as the limited bloodlines of the AST. [quote]Sash is right here although 'correct' APBT size is not much above the size of my SBT's (38.2 lbs and 38.8 lbs) I think we have TruePits on here whos dogs are very 'correct' ...can you comment TP?[/quote] Sure, I won't miss a chance to show off my bullies. I'm a picture posting freak as it is. [img]http://a8.cpimg.com/image/FE/18/39934718-2fc4-014701B7-.jpg[/img] Here my brindle female 30lbs [img]http://a0.cpimg.com/image/06/52/40111110-84da-016B01A8-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a5.cpimg.com/image/1F/53/40111135-164a-01F2011D-.jpg[/img] Red-rednose and white female 33lbs [img]http://a3.cpimg.com/image/A9/A2/33137833-b48b-02360113-.jpg[/img] My male is my biggest dog, in the low 40s. 41-43lbs [img]http://a0.cpimg.com/image/82/1C/39934850-1a5a-01E601A1-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a0.cpimg.com/image/96/1D/39934870-46ac-01BE0150-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a6.cpimg.com/image/EC/20/39934956-a1ff-028001E0-.jpg[/img] Then I have my new pup. She's a red brindle-red nose. She is so hyper and hard to get pics of. A good range is 30-50lbs. About SBT, the show dogs are bully like that, but performance bred SBT look just like APBTs, very hard to tell a difference at all. Kind of like the AST and the APBT.
  19. More pics from the show last weekend I think we did really good at the show. Ven placed 1st on both days. Santana Judges Choice & 1st and Val 3rd-the girls were in the same class. [img]http://a9.cpimg.com/image/77/87/40628599-cbae-01C5018D-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a2.cpimg.com/image/7A/88/40628602-f431-00F100BB-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a3.cpimg.com/image/85/88/40628613-c184-023A0177-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a0.cpimg.com/image/8C/88/40628620-d91e-01B4015F-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a6.cpimg.com/image/92/88/40628626-6c9e-01D20182-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a9.cpimg.com/image/81/88/40628609-971e-013301E1-.jpg[/img] On the ride home Santana's dam placed 2nd both days. Val's 1/2 sister/neice placed 3rd & 2nd and the littermate brother placed a 3rd. Her sire's 1/2 sister took a 2nd Her sire's neice took 1st both days and a Best Of Show 2 of Val's other 1/2 brothers took 2nd Other 1/2 sister took a 1st and 2nd The other male her breeder/owner has took 2nd and something the first day I don't remember what though, he's close to CH. His other female took two 1st and is now a CH. Don't think I missed anyone. There was no weight pull, so I have no pull pics. I'm going to try and get Santana in weight pull soon though, before next year I hope. Oh yeah here is Santana beating the crap out of her basketball. I bought a collar from Tom Ratliff at the show, its the one she's wearing, a new blue collar to match her ribbons.....lol She goes nuts on that ball all day. [img]http://a5.cpimg.com/image/33/E0/40615475-7ad6-019C011A-.jpg[/img] [img]http://a7.cpimg.com/image/3F/E1/40615487-db13-01170171-.jpg[/img]
  20. Best of luck to your poor lil doggie Chico. Yes livestock stuff can be a killer!! I hope its not any of that. I know some one who lost a dog due to this. They had no idea what it was he was just sick one day and died that day. Then they had to do whatever and send "it" off I guess you'd say. They sent his body off. And discovered it came from livestock and traced it most likely to the show grounds. He went to a show that weekend and died weds. And a few other breeders dogs also got sick from the same thing, but fortunatly didn't die.
  21. ok I'll keep trying, or re-register? Not sure how much I should try though. You can never convice hitler the jews are not the cause of all bad and evil. These people have real problems.
  22. [quote]Sorry, you do not have permission to reply to that topic You are currently logged in as Meohyeah[/quote] I hit reply and thats what it said!
  23. She looks so sweet, I'm glad she got the home she deserves.
  24. okay Courtnek, I was just curious. I can't see the pic in your sig :( its just an ad right now. Here I go with mine. Well I'm not going to actually vote in my poll, because I have several dogs. To answer all my questions, everything was very important when I selected the dogs. The breeders I either knew, one I was introduced to by another breeder and then had built a relationship with before I ever decided to get a pup from them and another I did research and found. I have several so I'll run down the line. Ven I got from long time breeder and friend. He is linebred and both his parents are inbred. I had a choice between two pups, she had 5 and he was keeping 3. I picked him because of his attitude and personality. He was such an outgoing and friendly pup and still is so outgoing and more than too friendly. He is always too happy and too excited with the judges, meet people on the street, but what can I say he loves people, he's a big baby teddy bear and knows he's spoiled. He gets jealous, he cries, he wants what he wants when he wants it. Thats usually my attention. He's my favorite. The other female who I no longer have but have breeding rights to I got from his same line, she is inbred from a 1/2 sibling breeding from the same sire, her dam is also from a father/daughter breeding from this sire. She is probably going to be outcrossed if she is ever bred, haven't really considered any possible studs though and I know the person who had her now hasn't really either. Although they are also looking to possibly do an outcross if they find the right compatible stud as they're looking to enforce certain traits and bring some others in. I kind of miss her, she had a lot of spunk, loved showing off and doing stunts I'll be taking her to the next show I go to and I'm excited. I got my little brindle female from a breeder I hadn't really know that much. I had run into her once and then again at a show. I talked to her for weeks probably. I wasn't certain I wanted another dog at the moment. I was looking at them and not really sure. Then it came down to me most likely getting one, I was having a time choosing but then I ended up deciding. I was drawn to her personality and confidence, I really liked the temperament and attitude and she had the best conformation, very outgoing so I finally decided on Santana. She is outcrossed, her sire (who was also bred by the breeder) is linebred and her dam was from an outcross. My flashy red and white female-Val has been a trip, she's a fun dog to have. I didn't really have much part in choosing her, in fact I didn't choose her at all. The same breeder I got Santana from had bred her CH bitch to Val's sire. She was giving me a male out of that litter. She had Val's brother from a previous breeding (who i just admired) and his breeder had just repeated the breeding right before she had bred her CH bitch to that stud. I had ALWAYS wanted a pup out of Val's dam. So when they repeated the breeding and it was to be her last litter and the breeder said he might have one for sale I was pretty excited. I wanted a female from this breeding and at the time I had 1 male, 2 females and I was getting a male from Santana's breeder. She had 7 and he said he might sell a male, so I wasn't sure if I was going to get him. Then that male died anyway a couple weeks later he said he was selling one female out of the litter which didn't give me a choice. So it was like the next day I sent the deposit after talking to him for half the night into the wee hours..lol The female was a seal and white female. She died the day I got her. We're not really sure what from or why. She had just had her final health check, test, wormings and shots on weds and I recieved her Mon. We have no idea what happened, maybe she picked up something, maybe traveling? The vet did nothing she was supposed to do and was too lazy to do an autotopsy like she was supposed to! Thats what I asked when I dropped the body off. I took her to the vet as soon as I got her and thats where she died, brought her home, then took her back. All she did was a fecal and said she died of parvo, which I know isn't true. Thats what she kept insisting when I was in the first time, the dog didn't have symptoms of parvo, had been tested weds which was only 5 days prior and also been given her shot. When they are given their shots they may test positive for parvo for about a week if you do a fecal. But she wouldn't do what I ask and I'm still kicking myself for going to them when I know I really don't like that vet clinic. Well I talked to the breeders wife same day and she said I could have a female out of the same sire they had got for a stud fee (they got a male and a female) or I could just wait for another breeding out of him. Even though I'd really wanted one from her that was her last litter, I really liked the sire anyway and would love to have a whole yard full of his pups. He called me a day later and I said I'd take the female as I liked her dam too and had been considering one from her. But then I didn't like her, didn't want her and decided to wait and was still dismayed about loosing my pup and that being the last time that breeding would ever be made. I talked to him all the time as usual, but about a month later he offered me the stud fee male because he decided to sale him and I jumped at the chance of taking him, I really liked him much better then his sister (for some reason) and knew that I would still have my female replaced later, but then he tells me I can have his pick female from Val's litter which would have been Val. You can imagine I was very excited, he had kept her and a white male. Well thats how I ended up getting her...lol Her sire is crossed(inbred/linebred) and her dam is practically scatterbred from 4 or 5 different lines that were linebred, well in the topside one of the lines was outcrossed twice after tight inbreeding and bred to her dam thats an outcross of two different lines. They bred Val's dam and sire together tighten up the line some. Santana's breeder (and now friend of mine) is getting a daughter of her sister, today actually, she will be inbred from a 1/2 sibling breeding, same sire. The sire of the litter is one of the males she bred out of her female to Vals sire. So it will be a grandaughter to her female. The newest addition Muse is linebred with 2 1/8th outs. I was looking for a certain bloodline, so I went on my search for a pup. I looked to a few breeders before I found hers. One I still might go to in the future and I almost went for buying a pup from them now, but I didn't much like the dams bloodline outcross. It was a good bloodline and probably a good breeding, just not one I'm looking to add. I'm still keeping my eyes open for the future when they breed the sire to something else. One other breeder actually had a female from Muse's breeder they had bred to a CH stud and were offering a male off her. However this female was bred different and had been outcrossed and I didn't want that. Weird thing was Muse's breeder had a litter off that females dam and Muse's dam, both bred to the same sire. There was 2 availabe from the other litter and one from Muse's litter. So that would be Muse and I didn't really get much a choice there either. I found out they were pretty honest people with a good reputation, I really liked the pedigree and so I went for it. She's a red brindle, which is one of my favorite colors although I didn't know that before...lol Just a nice bonus to have a dog of the color you like. I really liked them and I'm very satisfied with the pup I got (so far..lol) and might possibly go to them again in the future.
  25. [quote]My Foxhound is a purebred, but field trialed, not show. The Hunt Club says they are mostly outcrossed, for hunting purposes, because in and line breeding is used mostly for show dogs, and they get better hunting results breeding two excellent hunters from different lines, etc. They also said this is not true of every dog, some are linebred, but not inbred.[/quote] Courtnek I find this very interesting, because what I see is that a lot of working dogs are inbred (and also linebred and outcrossed) and a lot of show dogs are linebred and outcrossed. Inbreeding working dogs to keep the "working drive" and personality traits. Of course each breed is different. But I was on another board where there was show dog people and AKC type people. One person who breeds for working dogs also. The show people didn't like inbreeding very much and thought you don't really "need' to do it I guess and you can find a totally unrelated dog that fits just fine and still get a perfectly good litter. Which I agree with. But when breeding working dogs even with two good ones that exhibit proper working traits and are proven working dogs being unrelated don't produce the same high percentages as inbreeding. Not that outcrossing isn't done in striving to still yet produce even better working dogs and add a little something that is missing. I said breeding working dogs is probably a bit harder to achieve. You can breed for phenotype really easy and enforce, change, ect a physical trait and breed two like looking dogs with similar structures and good conformation who aren't related and get dogs that have the same structure and good conformation. The working dog breeder was doing a father/daughter breeding to increase the positive working traits of the sire. One person did also ask me why not use a sire thats not related, but that would be introducing unrelated integers into the line. Kind of scarey. This was all just a general sense and its nice to learn about some breeds and how they differ in breeding method and purpose. Now the breeders I know of working, or show dogs or working/show dogs all practice all 3 forms of breeding and do whats needed as needed. But it was nice to see the outside view how the AKC show people thought and how some of the working ones were opposite. [quote]They tend to agree with me (with some hesitation) that inbreeding may well be responsible for many of the personality and aggression problems that we see in a lot of dogs today. They wouldnt be quoted on that however.[/quote] I wouldn't agree (without hesitation..lol), maybe its true for Fox Terries as all breeds are different. But I just don't see it, of course I've only had the most exposure and experience with APBTs and can't speak for other breeds. One thing I do see is that almost any breed the show version whether it is inbred or outcrossed has more problems health and temperament compared to the working version. What I see and know is that APBTs have been inbred for centuries but I think they have wonderful personalities, they are very stable and have some of the best temperaments. I know a lot of people don't think thats true and just would be shocked to see a friendly APBT. However they have been inbred for a long time and were very great dogs with outstanding temperaments. Looking at old breedings and the current breedings of reputable kennels with great stable dogs with correct APBT temperament who use inbreeding. Then looking at APBTs with bad temperaments and temperament defects and they bred by people who don't know what they are doing, don't selectivly breed and often are not inbred, just bred with another dog they could find and it wouldn't be related and some do inbreeding which is outrageous when they already have problem dogs from their outcrossing upon outcrossing. And breeding all the really messed up Pit Bull mixes (not that they're arnt any good pittie mixes out there), but you have to think no reason, only the idea of lets breed our female with Pit with that bad Rott or Bull Mastiff. I do also have a ?. If they are bred outcrossed, how do they get the dog that they outcross to another? Are the dogs being outcrossed inbred, linebred or combos of both being crossed? Mutts4me I will answer the ?s, I just didn't want to make my post any longer...lol
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