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Flint River Ranch Food?


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Hi there,

I feed Wellness Super5Mix. Used to be one of the best dry foods out there. HOWEVER - they started adding Vit. K3 now and they took out some of their high quality ingredients. :evil:
Now I'm in the market for a new brand of dry food. I'm thinking along the lines of "Chickensoup" or "Breeder's Choice" (Pinnacle)

BTW: Is it true, that the Kirkland/Costco brand is a "generic" of the Diamond brand? ;)

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sabine - yes, kirkland signature food is manufactured by diamond. it's of better quality than most of the stuff they make tho, certainly better than most of the regular "diamond" line products, which are mostly byproduct based.

the pinnacle foods are overall of higher quality than chicken soup (which is also made by diamond), but there are also a good number of other high-end brands that are even better, such as for example innova, california natural, canidae, eagle pack holistic select and so on.

one thing i really like about the pinnacle line is that they have a nice duck & potato formula now. it's not 100% grain free but a nice formulation nevertheless.

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thanks for your input. I'm really leaning towards that duck and potato forumula. ;) My puppy is such a picky eater :roll: I have her on a mix of Wellness Super5Mix Lamb and Kirkland (half/half) I add some ProZyme, Missing Link and Neura Beef to that, and she'll eat. If I take the Kirkland out, she just stares at it. :evil: Oh well - there are plenty of dogs out there eating the stuff in the "yellow bag", right? :lol:
I'll just try some samples at my pet-store and go from there. (They sell all the brands you mentioned. ;) )

The things we do................ :D :angel: :oops:

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