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agility trial


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Theres an agility trial on today in dallas and ive convinced susie to let me go for an hour on the promise that I won't try to get up and run a dog lol. i've not been out for over a week so im dead excited and having never seen american agility before, it should be interesting to compare to the uk agility system. It might sound so trivial but when you have been cooped like a chicken in hospital for ages, its just good to get out :D

I miss my wee Kes so much as well and talked to Mum this morning and she said shes totally spoilt by the family now. i just want to get better to get back to my puppy dog :D

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Hey everyone,

Yep i did indeed go for a little while and sat down all the time. It was really interesting watching the different styles of running dogs and what i took away from it that there were a lot of very good dogs but the handlers let them down by not taking short cuts or doing turns like belgian whistles for example.

I loved it though and it made me want to get into that ring so much to run a dog and get that rush that you get :D Miss Kes will be starting more serious agility training in another few months when her bones are fully developed :D

I'm still feeling tired and the simplest things like taking a bath take all the energy out of me, but i'm dealing with it. The Doctor said that I can go and cry in a corner or i can face up to it and live with it and it will make me stronger. You guys know me and you know what option I'm taking. I appreciate life so much and not to sound weird but its so precious. One day I'm so fit and healthy and within the next 24 hours the doctors are fighting to keep me alive. it just makes you think i guess.

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