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Dog friendly travel???

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I'm trying to get to Houston,TX around the end of this month......but i've got no way to get there :-?
I refuse to take a greyhound again :lol: and amtrak is way to expensive.
and if I take either of those i wont be able to bring a dog :cry:

there's gotta be some pet friendly travel :-?

anybody going from central IL to Houston by any chance? :lol: :lol:

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I don't know your budget for the trip, but sometimes you can get a cheap flight with a petfriendly company...t's 80-100$ flat rate for the dog.
if it's a small dog, you can take it with you in the cabin.
this is how i do with my 2 dogs...
good luck

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well i also don`t have a lot of experince like that but i think MR DIZ is right there are some flights with pet lovers..[url=http://www.paintyourlife.com/galleries/pet-portraits.asp][b]pet painting[/b][/url]...so i think you must contect them.,..i travell with my dogs but i travell on bus....and i didn`t face any problem...and it was very cheap....

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Not really, but for the next time if u need to book a pet friendly hotel see this site: petslovershotels (.com) I spent many times with "Tommy" in the hotels that appears in this site and it was really fine! Also check this to see some trips advices.


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Well, I didn't have any problems while moving to another country, and I think you'll manage to figure everything out. Or course, I don't bring my dog on every trip that I take, even though sometimes I wish he tried something from this page because some places there are incredible. And usually, I don't struggle with that.

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