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Pooh Bear has a citronella bark collar now!


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Pooh Bear has been barking at the birds and squirrels a lot lately, and he kind of gets mommy-deaf when he sees them. And since one of my neighbors obviously doesn't like dogs, especially when they bark, I got him a citronella spray collar just like big sis Maya wears. Maya's is red and Pooh Bear's is blue.

I put it on him and let him out with the girls. He started playing with Jackie and barked at her, and he got sprayed. It was SOO funny! He immediately turned around to the right, turned around to the left, looked down at the ground, looked back at his tail, trying to figure out where the spray came from. Then he rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled. But he didn't bark after that! So hopefully this will take care of the barking problem.

Maya wears hers all the time when she's out in the yard now, and so will Pooh Bear. Jackie isn't a barker, so she doesn't need one. Once in a while Jackie will give out one bark to get one of the dogs to play, and either she, or usually the dog wearing the collar, gets sprayed. And if Jackie does bark, she'll stop right away when I tell her to.

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