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Support Dog Beaches in L.A. county!


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Freeplay.org (a local group of dog owners) have been working hard on getting a one-mile stretch of Dockweiler Beach designated as an off-leash dog beach since 1996. You can read more about their efforts on the following sites:


Today Daryl Barnett from freeplay.org sent out the following email

[quote][i]Hello all,


Take a look at this article in today's Daily Breeze about the bill for a dog beach pilot program at Dockweiler. The bill has passed yet another vote in the state assembly. That means we are one step closer to a dog beach in LA! Now the bill heads to the Senate and if it passes there, it goes
directly to Governor Schwarzenegger. Getting this bill passed could open the door for other dog beaches in LA County, including Santa Monica and/or the Palisades.

The bill is set to go before the Senate in June, which means we need to retain the services of the political consulting firm for a couple more months. They've gotten us this far and feel confident that we can make it all the way to the Governor.

That means we need your help! We're asking all dog lovers to donate $50 to this cause. Your funds will go directly toward getting this bill passed and setting up a pilot program at Dockweiler.

To donate online, go to [url]www.freeplay.org[/url]. To donate by snail mail, make checks out to "FREEPLAY" and mail to P.O. Box 754, Venice, CA 90294.[/i][/quote]

You can also help by writing letters to the [url=http://www.freeplay.org/supervisoremail.htm]County Supervisor[/url] and your [url=http://freeplay.org/citycouncil.htm]City Council Member[/url].

Thank you! :)

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Hey TDG!
Sorry, I just got your PM from ages ago. LOL, I guess a window does not pop up for me when I have a new PM. So, sorry I did not reply earlier. I will check out your links in a few, when I have a chance. Do you ever go to Huntington dog beach? I bring the kiddies there every once in awhile. Having a dog beach closer to me would be great, I hope this works out.

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