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dont be fooled by 'LAIDBACK' hound behavior...

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Laurel needs to be DEMOTED...she was so scared, so shy, so timid, I gave her extra privledges to get over it, and she has taken FULL advantage of it....

she takes up my whole bed...whether I'm on it or not.
she steals food from my hand I'm trying to give it to Free...
she only obeys when there is something in it for her (like a treat)


have I been taken in or what?


never underestimate the power of a wimpy dog to win you over, then take over....

she is now on complete NILIF...and she has to bow to Free because Free always responds first. I made them both sit before I let them out just now.
she griped about it, but I made her stay until I got through the doorway.
she griped. I griped louder and MADE her sit before she could go out.

she tried the"I'm so sorry please forgive me" crap. not buying it anymore...

She has been playing me!!

not any more however....sneaky devious little.....

:evilbat: :evilbat: :evilbat:

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and they learn so young! Qwill tumbled off the bed and hurt his front paw, not really hurt it but I guess for a few minutes it was sore. Well I rubbed it andtalked to him and cuddled him. Now whenever he wants attention (*which is all the time!) He limps!

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