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I found this online [url]http://familypoet.com/poem.cmdl?poemid=917[/url]
by R. Wayne Edwards October 2003

He was the first to smell the smoke,
It was the middle of the night,
And he was instantly awake
For surely something wasn’t right.
He jumped and ran from room to room,
At each one, shouting the alarm.
His only thought his family,
That none of them should suffer harm.

He stayed inside the burning house
‘Til everyone was safe outside.
And that’s why only he would hear
When little baby Billy cried.
When the family had all gathered
Just to check on one another,
Only then had they discovered
They were missing baby brother.

He rushed into the baby’s room
And grabbed Billy's pajama foot.
He drug him low across the floor
Through choking smoke and fire and soot.
The heat had caught his hair afire
And set his struggling lungs aflame
But he could hear the frantic call
Of little baby Billy’s name.

His dying thoughts were happy ones,
His loving family had been spared.
That he was faithful ‘til the end
Was all in life for which he cared.
“No life was lost," the fire chief wrote,
In filling out his daily log,
“Unless you count the family pet,
The children’s big old mongrel dog.

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