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Toy dog or cat dental care

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Has anybody ever used "dental wipes"? I've been trying to brush Peanut's teeth, as he is getting bad breath, but even te small toothbrushes they have with the toothpast, and the "fingter tip" brushes are still a little bulky for me to get into P&P's mouths. I can't tell what I'm really hitting in there. I was thinking they need to make some of those "rip, zip, brush, ahhh" thingies that I've seen on commercials for pets, so I went to Petco, and VOILA, they have dental wipes.

So, has anybody tried these? What do you think?

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your best bet to keep teeth and gums healthy are fresh, raw, untreated bones several times a week.

dental swabs and wipes are ok, but they don't clean where it's most important: at and below the gum line.

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