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Toothpaste, what kind?


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I guess I should have asked before I bought the stuff, but I was wondering what kind of toothpaste everyone used. I have this toothpaste from "Pet Dental" and while my dog loves it, it leaves his breath smelling even worse than before I brushed. Since I was already planning on ordering a trimmer from one website, I decided to search toothpaste and came upon C.E.T Toothpaste in a vanilla mint flavor and figured it was at least worth a try. Anyone ever use this kind before? I'm hoping he'll at least like the taste if nothing else...and that it smells ok. I just feel like I have to feed a greenie after each time I decide to brush because of the smell. :-?

When I tried to do a search on past topics on this, I did find that a lot of people complained about their dogs mouth being too small. With the stinky sample toothpaste I got, it came with a tiny little toothbrush with a long handle. I think it was designed more for cats or puppys but I find it works great since most brushes were too big. My boy is only about 4-5 lbs btw. :D

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CET toothpaste is the best, in my opinion. I have tried others, but just didn't like them. CET is sold by vets, which it good. I always use the vanilla-mint and my collies love it. They will run right over and wait their turn to be brushed. I use a regular people toothbrush, soft bristle, just like is recommended for people. I find it can reach way to the back of their mouths. You've got the good stuff! :lol:

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Ok, well that's definately good news to hear then. I don't know if the whole, brushing the tongue and roof of his mouth, bit will work since he thinks we're playing a game. He prefers to chomp on the brush while I manuver it around in his mouth and try to make sure I get everywhere. Hopefully it arrives in the mail soon so I can toss the other stuff. He's also getting the little Wahl pencil trimmer for his feet finally :D

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