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  1. The first surgery was where I believe they pulled the "flap" over the eye to create a covering to help it heal. Once the stiches were removed though, the eye apparently had actually seemed to get worse. A florescent stain was used originally done which enabeled the vet to see the pinpoint in the eye that was causing the swelling. I wasn't aware of any occassion where he was hit in the eye region and only figured I'd have the vet take a look at him once I saw some swelling around the eye. But once the stiches were removed, a second stain was done, and apparently the pinpoint had gotten larger (I wasn't there to see it this time). The vet decided to do the 2nd surgery at this point--He had mentioned this surgery before the 1st as being more extensive than the flap but the flap is supposed to solve the problem in most cases. Rather than having the skin sewn up to cover the eye, tissue was placed in the spot where the damage was done to the eye. I go back in on the 3rd for a 2 week checkup and 2 weeks after that is when we should expect to have the tissue from the eye removed. If that doesn't work, then I'm not sure what other alternatives there are and I'll probably have to seek out a 2nd opinion. I apologize if this doesn't make sense and I can try to clarify the best I can. Thanks for the reply, it seems like a waiting point right now though :(
  2. I actually posted this on another forum I frequent but I believe some of the members here deal with this medical stuff much more than myself :-? A little history (long post sorry) Not too long ago, my Papillon Koda was having some swelling in one of his eyes which we believed was a typical eye infection. After visiting the vet, it turned out that he somehow hit his eye on something and the vet suggested doing a third eyelid flap surgery on him because of how quickly the swelling developed. The vet used a liquid to stain the eye, and we were able to see a dot on his eye that was only the size of a pinpoint. I'm not too good with "vet talk" but essentially I believe they pulled the skin under the eyelid and sewed it to the top of the eye, allowing the eye to be covered to heal. Well once the stitches came out, he still had not healed, so off to another more extensive surgery--Conjunctival Flap (or so it is called on my bill) From what I understand, healthy tissue is placed over the eye to allow more blood to go to the eye to enhance healing since I guess eyes don't like to heal like skin and bone. Well my question is has anyone else ever been through a procedure like this, or are familiar with it? I've never had an animal have to go through any type of surgery before, and it isn't great not understanding what is going on and not being able to do anything for Koda except wait and hope this procedure works. Before I got Koda, I wasn't familiar with the vets in the area because I haven't owned a pet since I moved out here. I'm trusting the vet, since I've heard very good things about him from other pet owners in the area, but it's still hard seeing what originally looked like a puffy eye, turn into some extensive vet bills. Any feedback/info. on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. If I could retract my statements, I definately would. Rereading what I said, and your view based on what I said, I don't blame you for becoming defensive. I did think that since you were unable to reply for the past few days that your post was more fueled than usual. However you seem to be quite content in being rude. While posting recently may have been difficult, I understand if my most recent post was not responded to, but after a month, it gets discouraging. I know many people do not know the answers to all questions, but I did read previous threads related to my topic that had a large number of replies. I think I will be getting plenty of sleep tonight, without much worry. And rather than "tucking tail and hiding" I would prefer to direct my concerns elsewhere. I only came to this board because of someone that had said this site contained very knowledgable people--which I'm quite impressed at. And Boosie, you deserve an apology the most because you started this thread. I don't think I said this before but your dogs are adorable, I am especially fond to the Maltese because that is the breed I was going to get if I couldn't find my boy :D
  4. First off, let me apologize for offending you as that was not my intent, but I was simply trying to give 2cents and my experience. I understand that there are probably many groomers out there that do a wonderful job and it was my fault for simply going to petco to have hte job done rather then finding a groomer since I do not know of any near me or any dog owners that have used one. When I said restraint, I mean seeing the dog held by one person while he's crying, and another person doing the job of trimming. I do know that most grooming tables have a leash restraint, and I wouldn't consider having a dog on the table without them being attached. Restraint was seeing someone straddle a large dog to keep it still, while shaving the rest of their coat. Once again, I apologize to you. I would have hoped that people would not take my post and apply it to all situations. Things will never apply the same way to all situations, but I figured I would state what I found--even if I may be wrong. Rather than feeling I have to defend myself from now on, I will go back to "lurking" since I've found this to be a VERY close nit community. Especially since the couple of questions I have posted have not been responded with as much help as I anticipated, with the frequent posters going mia. Thanks to those that did help with some of the issues I did have :)
  5. While I might not be the greatest person to give opinion since I'm not too familar with the Boxer and what the standard calls for, both of the breeders looked like they had amazing dogs and both kennels had dogs that I thought looked "nicer" than others. Do all of these breeders have waiting lists or would you be able to find out the stud/female that they will be breeding? I think that if you find a few breeders that you can narrow down to, then you should start to look at the individual dogs that they are going to breed, as well as their pedegrees to make your final decision. Just my 2cents worth I guess. :)
  6. Has Pixie been groomed at a groomers, or was that her first cut? When I first got Koda, I tried doing the nails (never done them before) and BARELY trimmed them since I was so nervous. The little one was squirmish, but all went well. I got lazy with bathing and brought him to the groomers and they trimmed him up nicely around the paws, and cut the nails, so I figured it was much easier giving him to someone rather than doing it myself. Well I didn't feel like paying the next time so when I went to cut his nails, he was screaming like mad. I was pretty much petrified since I never heard him be like that before, so I came to my senses and figured the groomers wern't too patient and they probably teamed up to hold onto him and went off on his paws. No more groomers here.... So it was a slow and terrible process, but I put the scissor trimmers (for nails) on the ground, let him sniff them, etcetc. Then it was 1 nail, take a break, give a treat. And that went on and on until he became restless and I stopped. I think it's been about 5-6 times now cutting his nails, and he's stopped his whining. I did them earlier today, only 1 cry since I got a little close (no bleeding) and it took about 30 mins. The scissors don't bother him as much, but I'm getting a little trimmer in the mail in a few days so I'm going to have to see how he treats that. I'm sure it will be same same method though....Show her the scissors, let her sniff them (careful with the tips) and give a treat and tell her how great she is. Unless you know your groomer and watch how they go about grooming, I would really recommend trying to do it yourself. Not only is it cheaper, but you can put up with the fuss and a groomer typically has limited time to be patient. If anything, at least get the dogs used to the typical tools that a groomer may use, so they aren't fearful while going to the groomers. If a groomer finds it necessary for someone else to hold the dog still while grooming, restraint is going to be much more stressful for the pup and they'll end up hating it even more.
  7. Ok, well that's definately good news to hear then. I don't know if the whole, brushing the tongue and roof of his mouth, bit will work since he thinks we're playing a game. He prefers to chomp on the brush while I manuver it around in his mouth and try to make sure I get everywhere. Hopefully it arrives in the mail soon so I can toss the other stuff. He's also getting the little Wahl pencil trimmer for his feet finally :D
  8. I guess I should have asked before I bought the stuff, but I was wondering what kind of toothpaste everyone used. I have this toothpaste from "Pet Dental" and while my dog loves it, it leaves his breath smelling even worse than before I brushed. Since I was already planning on ordering a trimmer from one website, I decided to search toothpaste and came upon C.E.T Toothpaste in a vanilla mint flavor and figured it was at least worth a try. Anyone ever use this kind before? I'm hoping he'll at least like the taste if nothing else...and that it smells ok. I just feel like I have to feed a greenie after each time I decide to brush because of the smell. :-? When I tried to do a search on past topics on this, I did find that a lot of people complained about their dogs mouth being too small. With the stinky sample toothpaste I got, it came with a tiny little toothbrush with a long handle. I think it was designed more for cats or puppys but I find it works great since most brushes were too big. My boy is only about 4-5 lbs btw. :D
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