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Agility & Therpay Work


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I am new to this board and am looking for some info. We have a Am. Staff that we rescued a little over a year ago. She is now about 1 1/2. We are currently training in agility and are building an agility course in our yard. We are looking for more information on anything around us to help get her going or for us to be able to go and watch a fun show, etc.

We are getting her ILPed so that we can possibly compete in AKC Agility. Any info anyone has on getting into this would be great. There is only one agility trainer in our area and he seems too busy to really help us, though we go to class once a week that is all the time we can get in and it is a group class.

Also, we really want to get her into Therapy work but seem to not be able to find anyone in the area that can help us with this either.

We are in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

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if you're getting the ilp then why not join an akc club in your area? they often provide training and hold the occasional fun show. they might even direct you to other agility clubs (there have to be some near you). i looked on the akc website under agility clubs and this is what i found in myrtle beach -- i dunno how near or far it is to you.

Myrtle Beach Kennel Club

Corresponding Secretary : Nancy Lee Smalley
Address: 215 78TH AVE N, MYRTLE BEACH, SC , 29572-4301
Email: [email][email protected][/email]
Club Type: All Breed

maybe an email to this club could get you started :D

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I e-mailed that person last night and hopefully will hear something back from them but I'm not overly hopeful. There is only one person in this county that trains for agility and that is the trainer we are currently with - he has been training for about 10 years and has only had one dog, other than his own, that ever competed in agility. Not very promising I think. Hopefully that lady is still doing something around here and can help us out.

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And nothing at all from any of the people yet. I e-mailed the people that AKC had listed for CGC and Agility and haven't heard a word from any of them. Tried this before and got the same results. Going to try to talk to our trainer again tonight and see if he can give me any more info but I'm doubting it. Driving me nuts!

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