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  1. I have never personally used one but have heard a lot of people that say their dog would run through one in a second. I have heard of quite a few people that lost their dog because they left the dog unattended with that fence and the dog ran through it and was killed by a passing car. PLEASE be careful! Do not leave your pooch alone even with that fence. They can easily run right through. We had a foster dog that would not use the bathroom on a leash either. We actually have a couple acres fenced in but wanted to be able to keep a better eye on her when she was outside going to the bathroom so we got a 15 ft tie out cable and would just put her out for about 15 - 20 minutes and then bring her in. She would not even use the bathroom if we were looking! She was shy! At her new home they just walk her and walk her and walk her and sometimes have to walk for 30 - 40 minutes before she will finally duck behind a tree or in a shadow and do her business! Dogs are so funny! I can't believe anyone could ever say they have no personality! Good Luck! And please be careful with those fences!
  2. Pru went to her new home last night!! Just wanted to share!! :D
  3. Awesome!! Great Job!! Teach 'em young!! Maybe I can talk my dd's teacher this year into letting me bring Piper. They don't have s-n-t anymore but still! That would be great! Good Job!
  4. Had to pry him off?? Why?? Just wait for the police to get there first. OK just kidding, they probably would have shot the dog to free the creap! Way to go doggy!! He should get an award. If it was a "nice" breed I'm sure he would have. The puppy teeth at 3 sounds a little odd to me. Hope that man was in pain that day, maybe next time the idiot will at least look first and not try to carjack someone with a dog - stupid!
  5. OMG! Wish I had checked in sooner. In case there is still anything I can do please let me know. My home is full right now so I really couldn't foster but I am in Myrtle Beach SC, only about 3 hours from Charlotte and could possibly transport if needed. Just wanted to offer if needed.
  6. I don't know what your lay out is like but this is just a thought if the chicken wire she went through is the side of the run and she sqeezed out on the ground - get some QuickCrete from Lowe's or a Home Depot or such. It's pretty darn cheap and you can mix it and take a showvel or something a dig a trench along the side of the run, poor in the concrete and push the chicken wire into it so it's not loose. If the chicken wire is on top - I know some dogs climb up and push it open so I thought I'd share this idea too. Get slip ties. Basically big trash ties - the plastic kind not the twisty kind. Pretty cheap too. YOu can attach the chicken wire to the top of the kennel walls so she can't get out that way. Like I said I don't know how your set up is so these are just thoughts, hope it helps! Oh, if you do tie her out until you get the fence fixed make sure she is no where near the other one. Some people think of these things and others don't so I thought I'd share that too. Once we had a GSD and a Husky/GSD mix and a big 20X20 fence for them when we were not home. Well, they dug a huge hole out of the bottom. This was on like a Wednesday. My husband at that time worked in concrete and knew they had a job that Sat and would have enough extra concrete to pour a slab under that fence so we put them on leads in the fence for the rest of the week where they could not reach each other. While we were at work the little girl, about 12 or 13, next door came over and decided they needed to be closer so she moved their leads so they were side by side. We came home to our Husky mix dead with the GSD's lead wrapped around his neck. So sad! Just thought I would share our sad story. Good luck with your fence!
  7. We had this problem with our new foster pup and I know how bad you can feel when you just get down steam cleaning and then here it goes again. Is the dog crated at all? Pru always peed a little when we came home or whenever we took her anywhere and anyone came up to her. So when we came home we would leave her in the crate for about 5 minutes, helped stop her from being over excited all at once - us coming home and being let out of the crate at the same time. At least that way too if she does piddle a little it would be on the towel in her crate and not on my carpet - much easier to throw the towel in the washer! Also, we take her all kinds of new places as much as we can and let people come up and pet her. She used to pee as soon as someone came near here and now she doesn't. We also started her in class where she is learning more obidence and working on Agility which is great for building confidence. Since we started that class with Agility and have been taking her to playtime also at our trainers she has barely peed at all - submissively anyway! Agility is a great confidence builder. Well, that's all I have for ya! Good luck!
  8. We have Lemon Juice in a small squirt bottle and use it when needed. One of the dogs loves it though and will run to you when you pick up the bottle, luckily she's not a barker! The other thing that our trainer says to do is when they bark tell them Speak and then give them a treat. Then take them to another room where maybe they will calm down and tell them Quiet and if they do not bark give them a special treat. He did this over and over with his two and it took a while but then he started each time he would say Speak he would touch his ear. Now all he has to do is look at the dog and touch his ear and they will bark, but if he says Quiet they stop. Kinda funny when there is someone pearing in his fence and the dogs are being quiet when he lets them out, he can walk out like he's doing nothing and touch his ear and scare the crap out of someone at the fence! Good Luck!
  9. What beautiful dogs! Love Cay and Lucy! Wish I could help but we are full right now. If there is need for transport with Cay going southward please let me know. I am in SC but will be heading to Lynchburg Va Labor Day weekend and could help if the need arises with transport coming back this way. I know that is a long shot, just wanted to throw it out just in case. Hope they have better luck finding those guys a home. Beautiful dogs!
  10. piperstubbys

    "New" Breed??

    Do a search on AKC for Rare Breeds and there should be info there to help you know what you need to do to register a rare breed. The regular AKC site may be able to give you info too. Not sure what you are trying to do though. Are you now wanting to get the breeds that are in your dog and breed them to create a similar dog? Have you checked petfinder for the breeds in your dog? Just curious, what are the breeds involved here?
  11. We have a similar add here that runs all the time. Reminds me of the Chihuahua breeder here that decided he wanted to get out of breeding Chihuahuas. decided to get rid of over 50 chihuahua's in one week. Whoever didn't find a home went to the shelter. Some people should be euthinized!
  12. I'd say pit/gsd mix too. The ears definately look gsd to me. Adorable! What a cutie! The guy could have thought you would be bothered if he said it was part pit and maybe thought you wouldn't watch him if you knew. As a pittie owner I know sometimes you have to pick and choose who to share with and who not to, sometimes you're just not sure!
  13. Some people and their kids. Amazes me. My daughter knows better. Before she even heads toward someones dog she asks me if it's ok and (situation permitting and getting the "ok" looks from the owner) I say ok and then she has to Walk up and ask permission from the owner for each dog if more than one. Isn't this proper edicit (sp??) for dog petting - mind you she is 10, Iwould never let her run up to a dog when she was smaller. How crazy! We have had similar things happen at the park. One day when I was walking Piper and Leo around waiting for my daughter's softball game to start, we were just standing there talking with friends, both dogs sitting nicely by my side and I see this other lady a bit away from us with her little poodle and min schouzer. For some reason Piper is scared of little dogs (mean vicisious pittie!) and Leo thinks they are squeaky toys and wants to eat them. Well, this little girl goes walking up to Grandma and her dogs and Grandma hands her the leash of the Min Schouzer. The little girl, maybe 6 years old, sees us about this time and comes walking over. I tell her when she is about 15 feet away walking straight to us that these doggies don't want to play right now - doesn't bat an eye lash keeps coming. She gets closer and Leo gets up and is now very interested and poor Piper is hiding behind me cause now this little dog is barking like crazy at them. I continue to tell her to stop and she keep s coming, looking at her dog and then mine. She got about 2 feet from Leo and he barked - THIS FINALLY got Grandma's attention and she yelled for the girl to get away from those dogs! I mean yelled like my dogs were nuts and she was scared. OMG! But finally the little girl walked off back to Grandma. Stupid people bother me!
  14. I'd say stock up just in case! I have skin allergies to my dogs and cats. It's not the hair but the oils in their skin. If I hug or hold for a while any of them I break out with little red bumps all over my inner arms and it itches. But after I was those areas and get the oil off it goes away within 20 minutes. But I still hug my babies and sleep with them and hold them in my lap for hours. It will go away. Good luck!
  15. Hey where are you? A friend here at work is thinking about getting another dog finally, their Cocker past away last year and he really really wants a Yorkie ?? Got another guy here that also wants a dog, not specific on the breed but he wants something small. Just wondering if we were possibly close enough to help out with this poor baby! Can not believe someone would do that to a poor little pup, what's the point? There is a cat that I sit for that has a messed up ear, some kind of birth defect, so instead of giving the cat up they kept it in a crate in the garage for 2 years! This guy was visiting someone there I think, or maybe his son was, and talked them into giving him the poor kitty. Such a sweet little white fluff ball!
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