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  1. Awesome!! Great Job!! Teach 'em young!! Maybe I can talk my dd's teacher this year into letting me bring Piper. They don't have s-n-t anymore but still! That would be great! Good Job!
  2. piperstubbys

    125 Dog to be Euth'ed Tomorrow, Help Needed!

    OMG! Wish I had checked in sooner. In case there is still anything I can do please let me know. My home is full right now so I really couldn't foster but I am in Myrtle Beach SC, only about 3 hours from Charlotte and could possibly transport if needed. Just wanted to offer if needed.
  3. I don't know what your lay out is like but this is just a thought if the chicken wire she went through is the side of the run and she sqeezed out on the ground - get some QuickCrete from Lowe's or a Home Depot or such. It's pretty darn cheap and you can mix it and take a showvel or something a dig a trench along the side of the run, poor in the concrete and push the chicken wire into it so it's not loose. If the chicken wire is on top - I know some dogs climb up and push it open so I thought I'd share this idea too. Get slip ties. Basically big trash ties - the plastic kind not the twisty kind. Pretty cheap too. YOu can attach the chicken wire to the top of the kennel walls so she can't get out that way. Like I said I don't know how your set up is so these are just thoughts, hope it helps! Oh, if you do tie her out until you get the fence fixed make sure she is no where near the other one. Some people think of these things and others don't so I thought I'd share that too. Once we had a GSD and a Husky/GSD mix and a big 20X20 fence for them when we were not home. Well, they dug a huge hole out of the bottom. This was on like a Wednesday. My husband at that time worked in concrete and knew they had a job that Sat and would have enough extra concrete to pour a slab under that fence so we put them on leads in the fence for the rest of the week where they could not reach each other. While we were at work the little girl, about 12 or 13, next door came over and decided they needed to be closer so she moved their leads so they were side by side. We came home to our Husky mix dead with the GSD's lead wrapped around his neck. So sad! Just thought I would share our sad story. Good luck with your fence!
  4. piperstubbys

    Submissive P'r

    We had this problem with our new foster pup and I know how bad you can feel when you just get down steam cleaning and then here it goes again. Is the dog crated at all? Pru always peed a little when we came home or whenever we took her anywhere and anyone came up to her. So when we came home we would leave her in the crate for about 5 minutes, helped stop her from being over excited all at once - us coming home and being let out of the crate at the same time. At least that way too if she does piddle a little it would be on the towel in her crate and not on my carpet - much easier to throw the towel in the washer! Also, we take her all kinds of new places as much as we can and let people come up and pet her. She used to pee as soon as someone came near here and now she doesn't. We also started her in class where she is learning more obidence and working on Agility which is great for building confidence. Since we started that class with Agility and have been taking her to playtime also at our trainers she has barely peed at all - submissively anyway! Agility is a great confidence builder. Well, that's all I have for ya! Good luck!
  5. piperstubbys

    Belgian Malinios looking for forever homes!

    What beautiful dogs! Love Cay and Lucy! Wish I could help but we are full right now. If there is need for transport with Cay going southward please let me know. I am in SC but will be heading to Lynchburg Va Labor Day weekend and could help if the need arises with transport coming back this way. I know that is a long shot, just wanted to throw it out just in case. Hope they have better luck finding those guys a home. Beautiful dogs!
  6. piperstubbys

    Pit training

    Sensation harness is great, just make sure you get one that will be nice and snug on him. And the treats are great!
  7. piperstubbys

    More PETA Cr**

    Another wonderful view from Peta members - Let's save the lives of all animals so they can live wihtout us terrible humans - But - first let's kill all of the Pit Bulls, or at least weed them out by doing free spay / neuters on Pit Bulls - to control the population of them so they will eventually all die out. What a great point of view, so happy there are so many card carring members to support that cause, Lord knows we want the cows and deer to be happy and the chickens to live in piece but all the Pit Bulls can die, what the hell kind of logic is that? I have read this before on a Peta site and have been told this by Peta members and the Peta member running the little van that does the spay / neuter in Chesapeake Va said this flat out and that it was Peta' way to deal with such terrible creatures. Bunch of crap.
  8. piperstubbys

    bitting a dogs ear?

    Ok, sorry, but lmao - just picturing someone doing this at the local park! Not that it's a funny thing to do, but just the visual. Pick the puppy up and bite it! Oh my! :drinking:
  9. piperstubbys


    Hand them to the Husband, isn't that what your supposed to do?? I hand them over and they always end up on the kitchen counter all nice and clean! Works for me! Ok, he uses dish soap, just a little, and his hands and a small scrub brush if needed.
  10. piperstubbys

    is this ok punishment method

    What we were told by pur trainer when Piper would nibble on us etc when she was still a pup was that is was ok to let her play just not bite down, she had to learn the difference. When she would get too rough we would squeel like a little puppy, she had heard these sounds from other pups in her litter and seemed to know what it meant. She knows a squeeel and has no clue what Ow! means. This actually worked great for her. If she did continue to bite down playing too rough then she went for about 2 minutes of time out. But the best thing we did for this was put her in playtime once a week. Our trainer has Little Dog playtime and pn another night Big Dog playtime where dogs around the same size can be very closely monitered with all parents remaining there to watch and him circling the room, well, it's actually outside but it's about the size of a larger living room I guess. Gives the dogs a chance to learn what getting bit when playing feels like and when we would get back home she wouldn't bite on us so much, she was worn out and had gotten in her nibble work out with the other dogs and puppies. They always play with their mouth when playing with each other, it's hard for them to learn to not play with you with their mouth too, playtime helped a lot! Good Luck!
  11. piperstubbys

    Montel Williams show on dangerous dogs

    ok, WHAT ELSE?? I was reading and reading?? Who else is watching?? I'm at work! Guess it might not do any good to write to them anyway, they really don't care what we say, just what gets ratings. Presa's not pets - well, I'll agree they are not pets for everyone but as far as man eaters?? Oh no! Someone run find Kara!! Maybe she has already been eaten by Scoody?? Oh No! I wonder if she knew Jada was a man eater?? :drinking: Not responsible - let's see , they are pumping them full of drugs and they are not responsible?? How does that work?? Some judges should never be on a bench or allowed to speak much less rule!!
  12. piperstubbys

    How dare she.

    I know just how you feel. At work I have to constantly defend my Pittie to my boss, who has an English Bulldog. He always mentions it when there is something on the news anywhere about a Pit Bull attacking and hates it when I analize the situation. But his last English Bulldog (dropped dead in their back yard, still no clue what happened to him, very sad!) tried to bite my daughter once, of course he will never mention this, but is dead set that my pittie is going to turn on me! We are trying to have another baby, already have a 10 year old daughter, and he says that our dogs will have to be outside dogs if we have a baby ??? Why?? I asked?? He has his english pup inside with his 2 daughters who are about 2 and 3. He says his oldest is terrified of the dog and screams and crys whenever the dog moves. ?? And what does that have to do with me?? Umm, not a thing. Sounds like he has problems of is own to deal with! Sorry, turned into a vent! It's funny at our vets office, Piper lived there for 5 weeks before we got her so everyone knows her and loves her, so people will give her ugly looks in the vets waiting room and then everyone peeks over the counter and then comes around to make sure they get their visit time in with Piper whenever we are there and the other people don't get quite so much attention and then they look like their feelings are hurt - oh well, don't give ugly looks to my pupper!
  13. piperstubbys

    Prong and shock collars... am I misunderstanding?

    Not sure if I had said it in my earlier post but I do believe the shock collar should be used as a last resort and that is what we plan on using it for and with lots of guidance from our trainer. As far as the pinch collar, I think they are much easier on the dog than a regular choke that can actualy pinch and leave a lark and can actually choke the dog. The pinch should basically just be uncomfortable during a correction if used correctly. I don't have a problem with this discussion at all, training techniques are great to discuss and get different views from different people and all that but I do find it a bit rude to say enough about a person so that others who are on other boards know who this person is that you are talking about and then debate something they are doing and talk about them when they are not here to defend their own position. I am new to this board and I guess I am just surprised but, does someone want to invite this person in so she can tell her side??
  14. piperstubbys

    Prong and shock collars... am I misunderstanding?

    Personally I have no problem with a Prong collar used in training IN THE RIGHT HANDS, as long as someone has training on how to use it and isn't using it in a harsh way then I don't have a problem. We have used prongs at some point with all three of ours, one of those is a foster pup who has had no leash training and is pulling very bad. With the prong she is doing much better, never has she benn hurt and never ever would we pull on her with the prong, if used correctly they should not ever put the dog in pain, just uncomfortable. As far as the shock collar, we recently bought one and will be working on some training with it. This is after tons of training with our dogs but one of them has major recall issues so this is a last resort. This shock collar will be used, probably briefly, on one of our dogs and then used on the other for probably a bit longer than the first because of his temperment. It will never ever be used on our foster at all because I know it would cause her to regress. We plan on trying it only on vibrate and not shock, or on the tone without the shock and will hope that works first. If this is the person I think you are talking about I believe she has talked to the lady she is getting the foster from before deciding on any method of training for him. Also, she has put the prong and shock collar on herself before ever using either one on her dog to make sure it would not hurt her. The shock collar was being used I believe, to fine tune some responses from her dog and help with off leash training. If this is who I am thinking of.
  15. piperstubbys

    Agility & Therpay Work

    And nothing at all from any of the people yet. I e-mailed the people that AKC had listed for CGC and Agility and haven't heard a word from any of them. Tried this before and got the same results. Going to try to talk to our trainer again tonight and see if he can give me any more info but I'm doubting it. Driving me nuts! :drinking: