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Pet Abortion

Abort accidents or not?  

  1. 1. Abort accidents or not?

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[quote name='Horsefeathers!'][quote name='courtnek'] I was adopted, and my father was abusive, both physically amd emotionally. Most adopted people I know are happy about it, after all, the parents have to jump thru hoops to get the kids,
so you have to think they really want to have kids. the "hoops" werent there when I was adopted. If the parents had money, they could adopt.


That's downright spooky. I can almost just say ditto ditto to that story, Court! I prefer to think of my adoption as more of a "purchase" (seriously... my birth father sold my sisters and me to 3 different families willing to pay), but still... wow, we have so much in common, it's scary.

No one EVER believes me when I say this, but I think that adopted people looking up biological relatives is a horrible idea. I can relate and empathize with the curiosity of people who are adoptd, the who do I look like, whose talents did I inherit stuff, but I've known WAAAAAAY more people who ended up heartbroken and bitter upon finding their biological parents than those who had a happy reunion. The happy reunions are not as common as people want to imagine. Once you get through the initial "joy" of finding (or being found by) a long lost biological parent, the reality sets in... why did you get rid of me, why did you not want me, why did you allow me to be put into such predicaments, what did I do wrong, how could you, insert scenario here. That's not even to mention the adoptive parents who, when p*ssed off always refer to your biological parents and tell you that you're just like them, or will never amount to much, or can't understand why you aren't just like the biological children they had and raised. Oh, and don't forget the aunts, uncles and cousins who never miss a chance to tell you how thankful you should be that these godsent people came along and "rescued" you, you little throwaway that nobody else wanted, and what a worthless piece of sh*t you are if you don't spend your days and nights expressing your gratitude for being "rescued" and why can't you be more like your (adopted) siblings and then there is always the perverted uncle who wants to engage in funny business because you're not REALLY related, so that makes it ok and... Oh, and I always enjoyed being introduced as basically an outcast. My (adoptive) parents always introduced all their kids like this, "This is Kevin, that's Joyce, that's Janet, and that'sthekidweadopted" (me)... geez, I could REALLY get on a rant here (you ain't seen nothin' yet). :x

It just really breaks my heart when I see adopted people who get their hopes set so high for meeting their biological families. It's very seldom a happy thing longterm. It can open so many wounds that you didn't even realize were there and can be very difficult to get through.

Sorry to go so far off topic. Blame it on Courtnek. *snicker*[/quote]

gee, thanks..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I agree with you. I have never tried to find my birth parents. They gave me up for a reason, the most likely one being they werent married and it
was an unplanned pregnancy. So what would it to to them, posibly now seperate, married to other people, with their own kids, to have the "other" kid (that the spouse probably doesnt know about) show up on the doorstep and say "hi. I'm the kid you gave up..."

I;m not into wrecking other peoples lives. whether it was because I was an embarassament, a mistake, or they couldnt take care of me. those were the choices made. They tried to make a responsible choice by finding me a good home. It wasnt their fault it didnt work out.

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