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I hope someone can help me!!

As you may know, I'm new to dogo...joining after I adopted Sid 3 weeks ago. Well before then, I had agreed to puppysit a friend's 3 year old Yorkie while he and the misses go to Hawaii, rather than having her boarded and risk getting kennel cough. WELL, Sophie, the Yorkie, absolutely hates my little Sid. She constantly barks and snaps at him, :evil: and he doesn't understand why (being a pup, who would?). We keep them kenneled in the same room, about 3 feet apart. They can see each other while they are crated during the day (about 7 hrs). She doesn't growl or snap at him if she's in her crate and he comes up to the door and sniffs around a bit. It's just when they are out loose together.

Is there any way to help Sophie love Sid as much as I do? Other than her interaction with him, she is a very sweet dog. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :D

She also barks all night...I just attribute this to being in a new place. If I don't get sleep soon, I think I'll just pass out!! :drinking:

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I have never sitted this Yorkie before, but she is familiar with us, as we would spend time over at her home with our friends. She does get especially snappy when he starts "puppy" playing...jumping, squealing, etc. If he is on the floor chewing a bone or something, she will go up to him, but once he moves she snaps. Today, she actually got a piece of him (his ear, but it did not break the skin), so we have decided that these two definitely do not need to be together. Thanks for the advice... I think it's a combo of being in a new place and not having the benefit of socializatoin with other pups!

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