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I told a lot of people I was going to put Duke in agility Again. Ive decided not to. I saw this thing on t.v the other day. This guy was working with his dog on obediance. He told the dog go closer and closer and closer to this ball. The dog go to close his nose almost touched it. THe dog did not look away from the ball not once. He barly even blinked. And the handler said when i say three get the ball. 1, 2, 4 the dog didnt move, 1, 2, 5 again didnt move, 44, the dog still stood still. Then he went, 8, 2, 4 and the dog grabbed the ball so fast. I thought that was great, I thought if Duke could do that that would be soo cool! So Ive decided to put Duke into obediance.

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Just a very quick point before I head to bed. All dogs that do agility have an element of obedience trained in them as well. Dogs can do both obedience and agility and compete in the two different disciplines but obedience is the foundations to a good agility dog.

At our dog club we don't let anyone near the agility classes until they have had at least a certain amount of obedience behind them.

Meg and I started out going to puppy classes. Then we got more involved and I started watching the championship dogs at Crufts Obedience, and thought wow thats so good, I wish my dog could do that. Training and perseverence and now people comment on [i]my [/i]dog and in another 9 weeks at Crufts my little Meg will be that Champion dog competing in the world championships at Crufts with all eyes on her. A little training can lead to great things but always keep it fun, and no amtter what remember that you always take home the best dog at the end of a class/competition. I know that I always do. :wink:

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