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Training books?


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Ok, I need some suggestions on books that will help with Zebra agression and how to train him.

Let me give you some of the backstory. For the last week and a half Zebra has been abnormally agressive. Just a few days ago he was on the couch (I know mistake number 1 but i'll get to that in a second) anyways he was licking real bad at where his scar is from surgery and he was making it red, so i lightly pulled on his collar (mistake number2) and said "no". He turned around and snarled and snapped at my hand. I got real upset and took him by the collar while basically yelling "NO!", "Wrong" and had to drag him into the back of the house while he was tring to bite my hand. I put him in a time out and he wined and wined and everyone ignored him and then later when i tried to touch him he acted like someone had hit him or something and kept wincing everytime i pet his head.

Then thursday Zebra was out and my brother was standing about 2 feet behind me and for no reason at all Zebra snarled at my brother and tried to bite his hand, but my brother moved and all zebra got was some T-shirt. Now it's prety obvious that Zebra thinks he is alpha dog with my brother but it's getting worse and worse lately. Zebra has NEVER been this bad before, he groweld at my brother today when my Bro was eating dinner.

Zebra's behaviour was great before he had his surgery, could that be part of the problem? That he was in his crate for a month?

My other problem and a big one at that, I am the ONLY one that trains him! My dad thinks that the only way to get rid of his agression is to either beat him or scare him and i got into an argument with my dad the other day about this. My mom has the mindset of "he is your dog you take care of his problems". And my brother is macho and is afraid of Zebra and has a has a very difficult time training him. No one listens to me so I need books that they can read! I spent a long time in petsmart today looking at training books but I ended up not getting any because my mom refused because she said that we have "tons of training books at home" and we don't!

(Wow this is a long post! :oops: ) Ok..so back to the original question! Are there any good books that can help me and my family train Zebra.

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[quote]My dad thinks that the only way to get rid of his agression is to either beat him or scare him and i got into an argument with my dad the other day about this.[/quote]
I'm wondering if Zebra's behavior is more offensive than aggressive...basically I'll get you before you get me...physical discipline by your father can make some dogs very fearful, and other dogs will just get mean...I have seen some dogs which have been beaten, when you go into their cage and raise your hand some will cower in the corner and some will lunge for you. Also where you are the only one who practices any training methods with Zebra this can become confusing....every one with in a house hold should be consistant with Zebra in the training...for example in my house hold all of my dogs have the nothing is free policy...every one in the house hold practices this....even when letting my dogs out the door they are made to sit then let out....dinner, I encourage every one in the house to feed the dogs, they all have to sit before being served dinner. I think these simple little rules in life really helped my aggressive Rottweiler (when I first got her she was lunging for me and on several occasions jumped me and tore my jacket apart! :o ) instead of having her put down I worked with her....she is now the sweetest most lovable dog I could ever have hoped for....I also found that massage and belly rubs really helped calm her down. Any dog I have met really calms down with a good belly rub, and it allows you to become closer to your dog and form more of a bond...
...Any how, when I attended the dog aggression seminar here are a few books they recommended. Any dog I have met really calms down with a good belly rub, and it allows you to become closer to your dog and form more of a bond...
The Culture Clash - Jean Donaldson
Exel-erated Learning - Dr. Pam Reid PhD
Calming Signals - Turid Ruugas
Dog behavior - Dr. Ian Dunbar PhD, DVM
The Healing Touch - Dr. Michael Fox DVM
The Dogs Mind - Dr. Bruce Fogel DVM
Bach Flower Remedies for Animals - Helen Graham & Gregory Vlamis

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The Culrure Clash -- Jean Donaldson is one of the best books out there. It has been reccomended to me so many times! It does not deal with just aggression but with other things too. Check your library or order it online. Ohh my petsmart had it and if ya have a borders they will order it and have it shipped to the store (ya do not have to pay shipping).

I am sure there are more out there...I have not had to deal with aggression problems...but will try reading some of the other books recomended....gonna start learning just incase.

It sounds like you already know that beating the dog will not help....just try and convince your dad! Beating/hitting will only make the aggression worse!

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