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Fido gets his own bottled water


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[b][size=6]Fido gets his own bottled water[/size][/b]
Associated Press
Published December 2, 2003H2O03

CANBERRA, Australia -- Plain old water may no longer be good enough for pampered dogs, now that they have the choice of the bottled stuff in flavors like chicken and corn, liver and bacon, or beef.

Australian Andrew Larkey launched the purified Dog Plus K-9 water Tuesday, which sells for a little more $2 a bottle.

``It's like a sports drink for dogs,'' Larkey said. ``Dogs get bored with plain water - they deserve variety just as much as people.''

Larkey plans a similar line of drinks for cats, in roast chicken and pork flavors early next year.

People can safely drink it as well, he said, but it probably won't be a hit with humans.

``I've actually developed a bit of a taste for it myself, but I think most people's first reaction is to be a little suspicious,'' he said.

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