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  1. Another thing you can do it get a slim fast drink, make sure you drink it, rins the can out really good and Put 25 or so pennies in it, tape the top so the pennies will not come out and take the slimfast wrapping off so you just have a shinny can. When ever the dog bits you give the can a little shake (They can't stand the noise). and make him go to time out. Also if the dog get up from time out make him go back untill you let him up.
  2. What you could do is everytime your dogs teeth comes in contact with your skin say "OWW, NO NO." (Whether is hurts or not and do it in a ferm voice) and then stop playing right then and there. Or until he gets older only play with him with ropes or balls and such where his teeth will not touch you skin. Stitch is 2 and 1/2 now and when I'm playing with him and his teeth touch my skin he backs off with me only saying OOWW. He will not even attempt to even play bit anymore. Keep in mind this is a problem that may take a while to fix. After all you don't want him playing with a small child and have him continually biting for fun.
  3. [quote name='merickson1131']I am looking for an APBT puppy and I dont want to support bad breeders. I am looking to spend anywhere up to $600. I would prefer a Fawn so that the hair wont show up on everything and I also prefer a longer legged APBT not a stubby one. I live in Texas and I am willing to travel pretty far.[/quote] I'll bet if you go to your local SPAC or shelter (if they adopt APBT out) you'll fall in love with one of them.
  4. Now that dog should get some kind of award.
  5. I think it was Image1 when I started on here THen had K change it to GIXXSTER few months later. Started NorCal Pits, now known as Thera-Pits.
  6. Been a while sense I've been here. How's everyone doing?
  7. This may be something to try, I have not had the need to as of yet though so I'm not totally sure of it effectiveness. Get on Ebay and buy a few cans of pepper spray (5 ounce size or bigger) and about every 6 inches of your yard perimeter (or area you want to keep the dogs) spray just a little bit. I was told by my instructor when I got my pepper spray permit that it is not only the best way to keep unwanted animals out of your yard but also keep the wanted animals in your yard as they do not like the smell of pepper spray and will not cross the line. I don't know however about how long the effects will last. But this may be a more humain way to try. Although if it doesn't work electricity may be the best option.


    My bad Primrose, I should have clearified that more. I meant totally against BSL as it relates to banning and restrictions.
  9. What would you like to know? There could be a thousand different things involved in training. Narrow it down alittle for me and I'll give you all the advice I can. I've spend hundards of $$ on books and classes for my Pit. Although if you just getting started in obedience training I would suggest opening your phone book and calling around to all the dog trainers in your area. Get a price for there training and see what you can afford, then go and watch there classes or sessions to see if that trainer is for you (some trainers are very good but there training practices are not for me). Also don't inrole your dog in the most expencive training you can find. There is a gal here in Sacramento that trains for PetSmart ($99 for 8 week coures). I'm prob going to inrole my pit there to finish off his basic obedience. She does a better job for $99 then the guy that I've already gone through and paid $450. This is why I say shop around for a good trainer. I could have saved alot of money if I would have done this in the first place.
  10. [quote name='abker17']:WTF: WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? :nonono2: That's ridiculous. :-?[/quote] This is just another case of why stupid people should not breed.
  11. Is there anywhere that i can read on how to train a dog to become a therapy dog? I know there are place where I can pay to get him trained but money is alittle tight right now. I'd like to get him into working with sick children and cancer patience. I'm still going to get him professional training but for now I'd like to get a jump start on it.
  12. [quote] 7/dogs eyes are round.[/quote] Is there another shape!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have a link to this.
  13. Please give the link if it can be viewed online. Other wise I'll send you the money for a paper and to have it shipped to me.
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