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moving and adjusting my mutt :)


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hey, does anyone have any suggestions for settling dresden into a new place when i move? i'm planning on lots of long walks in our neighborhood and then slowly further away........just thought i'd check and see if you all knew any special tricks that would make the adjustment easier on her :) THANKS :)

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I was gonna post a topic about this soon as well. We finally bought a house (YEAH!!!) and will be moving in 3 weeks. We will have possession for a week before we move. I think I am gonna take them over there each night (we will probably starting moving little things anyway) for that first week. Maybe walking them around the neighborhood is a good idea too.

Is it really stressful for them to move? If they were going to a new family I could understand. But as long as they are with me (the pack leader) shouldn't that make it okay? Are there any things we should do to make it easier for them?

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Taking Dresden for lots of walks in her new suburb is a fantastic idea. I remember when I moved with BK last year he destroyed the side fence and went missing for about 6 hours... I was hysterical and we went searching for 4 hours... he came back though (smart boy!), possibly because I knew he would try and find a way out of the backyard (though I didn't count on him knocking down a 6ft high fence in the 3 hours I was away :-? ), and I took him for hour-long walks every day to get him familiar with the area on the off chance he DID escape. BTW he also escaped the VERY FIRST NIGHT we got him. so he has a chronic history of Houdini-like behaviour (maybe why his former owners abandoned him, or maybe their abandonment triggered seperation anxiety??).
Dresden will probably be stressed at the move, but try and make things as home-like as possible. Can you take her over to yor new place before you move? It also helps that you're living with her now (I wasn't living with bk when I moved out, he lives at my dad's). When we moved from out first house to our new house (where dad still is), the dogs were really good about the whole thing- Rinny and BK were perfectly behaved. Rinny was alpha at the time and he had moved a few times before, and BK probably followed his lead- rinny was't anxious, so he wasn't either (besides, it wouldn't do his tough-dog image any good to be seen being a wimp lol).
Anyway, I don't know if this helps, but that's my experience. :wink:

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thanks for your help :) yeah, i'm definitly planning on the walks but i can't go there very easily ahead of time since it's almost two hours away and i only will have had about five days between finding a place and moving in.......thanks for the help, i really appreciate it. bk, i'm sure dresden would pull the houdini (sp?) stuff if she could but she's either on a leash with me or running back in the woods behind our house because there is 500 acres back there and we don't have a fenced yard.......funny how crazy both our dogs are :)

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Dogs dont usually stress as much as cats do, but be aware that they are
very sensitive to YOUR feelings. If yu are feeling stressed, the dog will too.
Walks in the neighborhood, getting to know the area, all of that is your best bet. But be aware that worrying about it will only make the dog feel
stressed. He can sense your feelings, and if he thinks you're not ok with the move, he wont be either.


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