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That's a smashing name, my sister has a little Yorkie named Wowser and from a very early age he had a terribly sore looking skin condition and no matter what she or the vet done for him it just refused to clear up.
Eventually she resigned herself to him having to live with the problem for life.
On a family visit to Blackpool, a fairground worker of all people suggested to her that she try the missing link for three months to see if it helped.
She was a bit sceptical because he had offered the advice, she had not asked for itbut when he called out and the heads of not one but five healthy and chatty Yorkies poked above the edge of his stall she said that she knew straight away that she was going to try it as all his little fellas looked so healthy and chirpy.
well she did and she was surprised to find that the dry and scalyskin condition that poor old Wowser had lived with for three years took just two weeks to clear up.
He now has a healthy and shiny coat and (actually he always has had a healthy and shiny coat it is just that you could always see bits of his skin in it but not any more) I myself have heard that the addition of bit of fish oil into his diet would have done the same job for a fraction of the price, but I dont know. :D

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I have used Missing Link for some years now. At one time I was using Missing Link w/Glucosamine but now use regular Missing Link.
It does help Brittany quite a lot, she had several incidences of a minor skin infection/irritation in her early years. Seems to have coincided with warmer weather. I'd take her to the vet, she get antibiotics, it would clear up. A few months later, she'd break out again.
When I use Missing Link on a regular basis, her skin stays much healthier. I also learned to immediately treat any sores by cleaning with alcohol and then applying Neosporin.
Over this past winter, I stopped using the Missing Link, I was adding fish and such to their meals and just forgot or did not think it was needed. Sure enough, I found a sore on Brittanys belly about a month or so ago. Treated it, put her back on Missing Link, all better.
I like to put some of the powder in, splash a bit of hot water to dissolve it, then mix in their kibble.

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Missing Link is a good supplement. I think supplements are important. Some nutrition is always lost from the food when cooked, the supplements help to replace some of those lost nutrients.

I use a supplement that is similar called Dr. Krugers. The cool thing about them is that they will give you a free sample (and it isn't a small bottle) to try out. Got to [url]www.dockruger.com[/url] if you'd like to check it out.

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I used missing link for about a 2 months. I liked it, the dogs loved it. The only problem I found was that my dogs became very energetic...basically there energy levels increased drastically which is not needed since I have an acd, bc/mix and a mini poodle, they have lots of evergy on their own.

I will probably put them back on the missing link at the end of the summer when the flyball season starts back up. They need flyball in order to be able to deal with the supplements and this is the only way my house will survive... :D

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Coincidentally, I just bought some Missing Link for the first time because I wanted some sort of enzyme supplement for my 2 doggies who do not currently have any problem with skin allergies or other ailments, and after reading about various productts, this one sounded the best. Also all the phytochemicals were good.
So - based on what everyone has written - sounds like a great choice!

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