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A father, whose wife had passed away, lived with his young daughter, who greatly resembled his wife.

One day, for her father's birthday, the child decide to make him a gift. She gathered a big box and lots of wrapping paper and ribbons and tape. As she was wrapping the box, her father says,

"You're not supposed to be wasting all that wrapping paper and ribbons!"

And the child replied,

"But I'm wrapping a present for you daddy."

The father was slightly moved. Then, the child handed her father the tape and wrapping covered box. The father opened the box, and yelled,

"There's nothing in this box. Don't you know that when you give somebody a present, you're supposed to put something in the box?! You wasted all that paper and ribbons fo nothing."

Then she replied in sobs,

"But daddy, I did put things in the box. Can't you see all the kisses I blew in it for you?"

Now the father was greatly touched, and felt sorry for yelling at his only child, but his pride would not allow him to apologize. Until one day, when the child went to her mother, forever, after a horrible car accident. This is when the father, and husband, regretted not living in the moment, as if there was no tomorrow.

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Unfortunatly, it's so true that we live each day and don't say all the good things that we think about people... we mostly say the bad things. My dad and I fight constantly-- I swear we're the second "cold war"-- but I TRY to at least smile at him everyday when he drops me off at school. And I TRY to say "I love u" to him everyday, although realistically I don't always do so. We both have too much pride. *sigh* I guess it teaches us to live life to the fullest too.

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Guest Anonymous

Yeah... I use to say "I love you" and give a kiss to my dad every day when he'd drop me off at school... in like grade 9 I stopped... I'm not sure why...

Hey Katie, (er, I mean Icey :wink: ) I see you decided to join the great world of Dogo eh? WELCOME! :D

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Thank you for that story. I have a 16 year old son who aggravates the **** out of me day after day. Last Tuesday he was in a horrible dirt bike accident, has spent the last 4 days in the hospital, and is finally home with
a broken leg that has had metal bars and pins inserted to hold it together.

The whole time he was in surgery, I kept thinking "Why didnt I tell him everyday how much I love him?"

Since he has been home - I have been telling him, every day. The usual
response is "Mom, you're a wimp..." but I dont care. I will continue to tell him anyway!!


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