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Previous post about worms/fasting, natural remedies

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I agree - providing the animal chooses to fast....dogs eat grass when their stomachs are upset because they know instinctively it will make them vomit....

I do not agree with imposing a fast on an animal, except for the old worming problems and when they are expecting surgery, because they know better then we do when they should and shouldnt eat.


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On 3/27/2003 at 12:53 PM, Guest Anonymous said:

Sorry, dont have the time to look up the other post but wanted to get this info out before someone ATTEMPTED to fast their dog to kill worms. Doing a complete fast will not kill the worms but will kill your dog. If the worms have nothing to feed on they will feed on your dogs stomach, which in turn will kill your dog. You can put them on a short 24 hour liquid fast, with water, but you will still need to give him Vermex caps with charcoal tabs in water or an electuary for 3-7 days. You have to continually repeat the process.
A couple of easy, NATURAL, ways to kill worms is:
1. Mix 1/2 tsp of garlic powder and a pinch of cloves and sprinkle it on your dogs food daily until the worms are gone. You should then give them something to rebuild their immune system... spirulina or, I like Green Foods BARLEY DOG, for a month.
2. Garlic, mullein/myrrh blend, echinacea or black walnut extract diluted in water, or mugwort tea will also work.

I dont remember who posted that fasting would kill the worms. PLEASE dont do this. It will kill your dog!!

DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG GARLIC! Garlic is toxic for dogs! I don't know who told you that it's a safe cure for worms, but it is NOT!

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Of course garlic is not toxic :) There are plenty of supplements for dogs with garlic extract which has various health benefits. I don't know how much should a dog eat to get sick... like everything can be toxic if eaten in excessive amounts

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