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Bloodhounds & Large Breed Dogs

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Husband eventually wants a bloodhound. Doing research now. Will probably be a couple of years and then hopefully we'll rescue a retired or misplaced bloodhound.
Just want personal opinions from owners and advice that could help in the long run. Thanks a bunch everyone and again it will be a couple of years, we want our baby "Kimba" (4 month old great dane) to be old enough not to harass an older dog.
Eventually we hope to own a large enough spread that we can open our own large breed and hound rescue. We would like to devote our lives to finding loving homes for purebred dogs.
I'm doing alot of research now on the health issues that plague large breeds. Any and all infomation on hounds or large breeds would be great. What I've found so far is a lot of controversial information. I've come to the conclusion that the only way to learn will be to discuss these matters with owners and breeders. Too many vets disagree on health and the raising of large breeds.
Okay now I'm rambling. Thanks everyone.

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well I think with all the large and giant breeds the main areas of focus as far as health are bloat, and bone and joint problems, which as a Dane owner you are familiar with.

Good info

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Here is a great site that I love [url]http://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com[/url]
It has helped me quite a bit.
Here's what it says about the bloodhound.

If you want a dog who:

Is very large, powerful, and houndy, with loose skin and long hanging ears
Has a noble, dignified, solemn expression
Is easygoing and good-natured
Is gregarious with people
Can prove invaluable to your community by trailing lost children or disoriented elderly people (when trained for it)
A Bloodhound may be right for you.

If you don't want to deal with:

Great strength, high physical vigor, and stubbornness, requiring lots of socialization and firm, patient training while he is still young and easy to manage
Wandering and selective "deafness" whenever his tremendous nose locks onto a fascinating scent
Quite a few serious health problems and a short lifespan
Baying in a deep, soulful voice
Profuse drooling
A Bloodhound may not be right for you

[quote]selective "deafness"[/quote]
Sounds like Winnie lately! :lol:

[quote]Eventually we hope to own a large enough spread that we can open our own large breed and hound rescue. We would like to devote our lives to finding loving homes for purebred dogs.[/quote]

I would love to open a rescue to. We definitely have enough room! (26 acres!) I wouldn't care what size or breeds (even if they're mixed) they are though.

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Guest Anonymous
I think I may have time to sit and do this now!! :lol:

[quote]while he is still young and easy to manage[/quote]
:lol: :lol: Okay must mean before 3 months because at 5 months Forest was 75 lbs and the same height as Jac!! But that is not a problem!

Anyway Bloodhounds are FULL of energy..The only ones you see laying around are on TV.. Mine runs around the yard like his butt is on fire! :lol: And will do it majority of the day, while he is still a puppy, my fathers is 2 yrs old and she is the same.. They love water, which I was not fully aware of but now am. :D DROOL man can they drool, and if you have something that smells good there will be AT LEAST 3 more gallons with in 3 minutes!! And when the head shakes DUCK!!
Many refer to Bloodhounds as a dog on the end of a nose. They go were their nose leads them. They do become "blind".. I can not count the times Forest has run into things Shovels, chairs, fences, and etc. just sniffing.. Reputable breeders will not give a puppy to a buyer without a fenced in yard.
Problems with Bloodhounds- Bloat-Forest eats 2 meals a day and is kenneled for an hour after each. Hips and elbows- These dogs grow and gain weight at an alarming pace. Forest is 2 inches taller than Jac now and is 6 months. I have not even weighed him..too scarey.. Eyes- due to the droopy lower eye rim they get eye infections without the proper care and sometimes even with the proper care. Eyes should be wiped clean everyday. Some hounds have allergies that cause red in the inside lid of eyes which can be treated with drops. Ears- Man can they SMELL..This is because of the long ears that hold moisture in. They should be cleaned weekly, more if needed. This will help prevent ear problems such as infections, mites, and etc.
I have looked at many in shelters and rescues and the most common problems I have seen are Eye Infections and Heartworms..

One thing, I do not see them as stubborn... They are very independent dogs..They take their time about things and NOTHING is rushed.. (except playtime and everything is a blur :lol: Big feet, tails, heads, ears,drool :o ) They make you respect life in general and enjoy the things around you. They LOVE their people!!! That is the first and foremost in their life! :wink:

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