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  1. The Kangal dog is probably the most unusual wolf dog, it looks nothing like a wolf but is probably the closest linked dog to a wolf, they originate from Sivas, Turkey and are basically a mix between a wolf and a jackal, though the "formula" is unknown, the result is spectacular. DO NOT confuse these dogs with The Akbas, Sarplanicac, Anatolian Shepherd or any other large dog, The Karabas Kangal is a breed of its own, the most "pure" These dogs have been known to grow up to 120kg and 95cm at the withers, there have been accounts of bigger ones in Sivas, I personally have passed through sivas and ive seen some absolute giant kangals myself, there was one i remember seeing which was the size of the donkey it was tied to. Kangals are also the toughest livestock guardians, they are the only dogs i know for SURE that can kill attacking wolves 1 on 1, They have become somewhat enemies now, whenever a Kangal sees a Wolf, its tail will curl back and it will bark to try and threaten its enemy, if the wolf stands its ground, the fight will commence. Kangals however can be domesticated, they are absolutely wonderful dogs, I own a 9 month Kangal puppy, its over 100 pounds now and 72cm at the shoulders and shows incredible guarding abilities. They have been somewhat "popular" in the sick minds of "dogmen", the sadistic bastards that use dogs to fight endlessly, these dogmen stand by their word that Pitbulls are the toughest, strongest, meanest and most "game" dogs in the word, and have been 'tested' against all breeds of the world, they obviously missed one. The Kangal is not a fighter, it will not run into the ring when you command it to attack, but if it realizes it or its owner is in danger it will become a monster, and do whatever it takes to kill whatever is attacking it, the strongest breed i have come across hands down, I just hope people stop abusing these wonderful creatures, guarding and fighting are two VERY different things.
  2. around 75cm+ at the shoulders in my opinion
  3. Well i have a Kangal puppy, just turned 9 months today, its over 100 pounds but has insane stamina, there was a slight hip problem where it couldn't sit properly but its fine now, you shouldn't be too worried, large dogs are wonderful
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