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There are many different registries in the USA now. AKC requires DNA testing, record keeping and inspections. Some breeders feel AKC is too expensive and they do not want the problems that can come with poor record keeping, poor management of the dogs, DNA problems, etc. So alot of new fast and easy registries have popped up. I use AKC and when registering a litter I fill out a litter application. The owner of the dam is the breeder of the litter. If there are 4 pups in a litter I receive 4 litter applications to be given with each pup. I have the choice of registering each pup in my name and kennel if I choose or the new owner can name and register, it is a matter of breeder choice.
Breeders have the choice of allowing the pup to go a a "full registered" or "Limited registered." Limited means the new owner can not show and any offspring will not receive AKC papers. This done to discourage breeding pet quality stock. The only thing that discourages breeding of pets is to spay/neuter.

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The DNA testing is required after a certain amount of breeding from a stud dog. AKC is alleging this is not a money making scheme, but they ONLY allow the DNA to be conducted by thier lab. So far, no results from an outside lab is excepted.

This is from AKC:
[color=red][i]"AKC DNA Certification is required for Frequently
Used Sires (FUS) before we can register litters sired by those dogs and
born on or after July 1, 2000. A FUS is a dog who has sired 7 or more
litters in his lifetime, or more than 3 in the calendar year. If your
dog qualifies as a frequently used sire, then he must be DNA Certified
to register more litters".[/i][/color]

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First, there are two types of Australian Kelpies --- The Working Kelpie and the Bench or Show Kelpie.

We have the working Kelpies. The following two registries are for working Kelpies only and not the show Kelpies.

Our Australian Kelpies that are imported from Australia are registered with the Working Kelpie Council (WKC), in Australia.

Our Kelpies that are USA borned are registered with the North American Australian Kelpie Registry, Inc. (NAAKR). FOR THAT REGISTRY:

Both parents must be registered either with NAAKR or the WKC to be registered in the regular registry. They do have provisions for ranch bred working Kelpies that are not registered or if one parent is not registered.

A person can register the entire litter and name each pup or they can provide the new owner with a signed registration application and the new owner can register the pup.

A kennel name or Stud name can be reserved with the registry and used only by the breeder and is used in the first part of the name of the puppy.

If the new owner registers the puppy, then pictures must be provided, along with the registration application.

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Guest Anonymous

I will check into this but if I am correct a breeder can put Limited Registration on a pup, then if you show or get titles on this pup and and feel that you want to breed it then that Limited registration can be changed but ONLY by the BREEDER. Of course this is AKC I am refering to.

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Guest Anonymous

AKC does allow the breeder to change limited to full at a later date.
DNA is required if the stud produces 3 litters in one year or 7 in a lifetime.
I have no problems with AKC rules and regs. I do not see how they are making a profit when so many pups are from"off shoot" registeries at the present time. 99% pet shop pups and pups from brokers are non AKC in this area. Most puppy mills have left AKc to prevent inpsections.
I feel bitches should require DNA, it is the only way to know the parentage 100%.

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Puppy Mills are regulated under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). They are in charge of licensing and inspecting the puppy mills.

If you will go to the AKC website, they have listed how many dogs, to date, they have DNA tested --- at $40.00 per test. It did generate them some money. I hope at least some of the money went for researching cures and causes for diseases.

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Only the breeder can register the puppies.
Breeder decides about names of the puppies.

Puppies can not leave home until 8 weeks.
No breeder should EVER deliver a puppy without complete registration papers and pedigree, this means 99% of all puppies should be registered early enough for papers to come back before the puppies are 8 weeks old.

If you as a breeder, tries to register your litter when they are 5 months old or more, you have a lot of explanation to do and you can't be sure the kennel club will accept your explanations and let you register the puppies.

If the kennel club discovers that y ou do not register ALL of your litter, pet quality and good ones alike, you are likely to be expelled and that means no more registering of puppies and no more shows.
The kennel club is the monopoly around here.

There are different extra rules for some breeds, like some breeds can only register offspring from parents that are free from AD or HD or PRA or whatever is troubling that breed.

If not both parents have been shown and acquired at least a second prize in the quality judging (means you are up to standard but with minor faults), the cost of registering puppies is much higher than if your parent dogs are good specimens and do well at shows.

You can register a pup that sooner or later will turn out to be a chryptorchid but since you need a vet certicate about the status of balls of the sire to register offpsring, this dog is automatically barred from registering offspring.

A bitch should never be bred until her second season, never ever more than 5 litters in a lifetime, she should be able to rest at least one season between litters and if you breed a bitch more than 7 years old you need a health certificate from a vet BEFORE mating testifying this bitch is healthy enough for another litter.

I probably forgot just as many other important rules :-)

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