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An appetiser: German Shorthaired Pointers are very versatile, intelligent gundogs that can be used to flush out several different types of game including quail, ducks, pigs, foxes, kangaroos (in oz) and rabbits. Their coat is very short, practically waterproof, and needs little grooming. They seem to have 2 varieties of colour: solid liver, and liver patches and white flecks. They need lots of exercise, otherwise can go a little crazy (like most big dogs).
Ideal Height: Dogs 62-66cm
Bitches 58- 63cm
Weight: approx 20- 32kg
There is bound to be a breed standard somewhere which will give more info about its background (assuming it has some German connection?!) and physical characteristics. Hope to find some longhaired info too ;)
Does anyone know off the top of their head how different they are to English Pointers? (I know a very hyper, dominant pointer who's the only dog ever to be dominant over Bk, and another one who's just plain hyper)

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Has some info on the breed but no pics :(


This has photos, if you read Norwegian tell us what it says! :lol:
They are very cute, kind of like Irish Setter/Springer Spaniel cross.

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