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It's been 7 months..


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Halka, my friend, a polish tatra sheepdog died 12.05.2006 - on the eve of my 15th birthday. She died because of Lyme Disease. That's Halka lying on a table:D :



Halka I love you honey:*

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There are many people who believe that it is possible to communicate with departed pets through psychic or mediumship abilities. Psychics claim that they are able to sense the presence and communication with deceased entities, including those who were pets. They can convey messages and information from them, and even help owners find out what happens to them after death. If you believe in psychic abilities and want to try to contact your deceased pet, you can turn to professional psychics or mediums who can conduct online psychic readings. They may connect with your pet and try to convey its message to you or simply help you feel its presence. It is important to remember that such services can be both beneficial and controversial, so it is always worth approaching them with common sense and considering them as an option for communicating with departed pets.

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