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  1. we use Trupanion pet insurance and after some research this is what we found that it is probably the best for us... the prices dont go up as the dog gets older which is good. also we heard good things about it, bad things about vpi that they have bad customer service. our premium is about $25 a month. [URL="http://www.trupanionpetinsurance.com"]pet health insurance[/URL]
  2. dog sitters are a great idea, or asking a friend who is dog friendly :)
  3. Ugh I hate when people let their mean dogs run wild in the yeard... i was walking my old dog years ago and a dog came out of one of the yards and attacked my dog who is very shy and scared all the time anyway it made me so mad
  4. Also I wanted to add that they love to wrestle and it is the cutest thing ever. My mom always had more than one dog and they never played so this is the first time i have had dogs that play with each other and its nice because then i dont have to always entertain them :)
  5. that is a beautiful dog. i hope all is well
  6. I will post pictures when i can take some
  7. Love my pups I adopted two dogs from a shelter, gina was adopted about 3 years ago and sookie was adopted about a year ago. they are both so dear to me.
  8. doggylove


    what was the great idea
  9. looks like she was a great friend. RIP
  10. looks like she was a great friend
  11. Its a good thing to do! definitely support that
  12. It's good to throw treats and toys in the car too so they can think of the car as a fun place. And crack the windows, dogs are always interested by the new smells and sights
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